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Only creating long content does not help achieve more visibility on search engines.

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If you want to achieve more visibility in Google’s search results, you act smartly. Most rookie web admins think that their audience and the search engine have the same brains as a goldfish. If you have the same concept in mind, you live in a fool’s paradise, and it is high time you start acting smartly. In this article, we will tell you how you can achieve more visibility on the search engine in a short time.

But before that, we would like to talk about a common misconception about content creation. People today think that creating lengthy articles can help them win the interest of the target audience and the search engine, but this is not completely true. It is true that long content has its pros and is preferred by Google, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only thing to help you improve your visibility in the digital world. Before talking about the different factors that would enhance your visibility, we would like to list some SEO benefits of long content.

  • Long content can help you earn more backlinks. Backlinks are quite essential for increased visibility and higher SERPs.
  • Long content gets more social shares. You should know that content which is over 1500 words would often get shared partially on social media platforms.
  • Google rewards websites for having long-form content because it is more engaging.
  • Long content helps you improve your dwell time and click-through rate.

These are all the SEO advantages that you can gain with long-form content but know that they are not enough. 

The thing which matters the most in the eyes of the search engine is the quality of the content you create. Long-form content will only be valuable for the search engine and the target audience if it is of good quality. If you compromise on the quality of content, you cannot become visible on the search engine.

Tips you have to consider while working on the quality of long-form content!

When it comes to focusing on the quality of content, you have to make sure that you consider the following tips. 

Content should be free of human errors

The most important thing is to ensure that your content is free of all human errors. The best quality content is the one that is free of all kinds of errors. Suppose your content has spelling, grammatical, clarity, engagement, and other technical errors. In that case, it will ruin your work’s overall quality and credibility. This is why you need to religiously check your work for human errors before publishing it on your site. You can take help from online tools.

Content should be 100% free of plagiarism 

Quality enhancement is not only about removing human errors from your work. Rather you should know that the quality of your work also depends on its uniqueness. If the content has plagiarism in it, it will affect your credibility in the eyes of the search engine and the target audience. Long content has more chances of plagiarism, so you need to ensure that your work is 100% unique. You can check your long content for plagiarism with the help of a plagiarism checker. A plagiarism tool can scan your content and compare it with billions of web pages indexed on Google. You can easily find plagiarism in your content with AI-powered plagiarism tools. The plagiarism checker would highlight duplicate content so that you can remove it before publishing.

Content should have an appealing format and structure

Today the attention span of users coming on the web is very short. If you want to attract and engage the audience with long-form of content, you should make sure that it has a beautiful format. The content should be divided into multiple passages with short and crisp sentences. Try to add as many headings and subheadings in the content so that the readers can know what your content is about. Adding bullet points and lists can also add to the appeal of your content. Without formatting and structure, there is no way you can make your long content valuable, and it would simply be boring for the readers.

Content should have high quality & unique images in it

Long-form content, as we have told you before, can be boring for the readers. This is why experts recommend that you break content with images. You must use relevant and good-quality images along with the text. You can easily find relevant and royalty-free images with the help of a reverse image search. Just search by the keywords you are targeting in the long content or search by image and get them from royalty-free websites. Unique images will increase the quality and credibility of your content by more than 50%.

These are some of the elements that contribute to content quality!



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