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Know What Level Indicators and Handwheels Do

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The mechanical engineering industry sees the usage of several essential devices. And level indicators are among the many devices that find use in the industry.

What Level Indicators Do?

Level Indicators are devices to measure the level of fluids. For example, you can use the indicators to determine the liquid level in tanks, drums and pressure vessels during various industrial applications.

You will find different types of level indicators. And you need to choose your devices according to your needs.

Different industries use various fluid forms, so using the proper level indicator is essential. Without this, finding the quantity and level of fluid stored will be challenging.

It often happens that the nature of the fluid is dangerous in some situations, or the place in which the liquid is stored is of such a nature that it is manually impossible to find the level. In such cases, measuring the liquid level without a level indicator is impossible.

However, you should ensure that you select a level indicator based on the type of application. For example, tubular level indicators are ideal for better visual liquid level indication in the process industry. And radar type indicators or ultrasonic type indicators are the best suited for non-contact type level measurement.

What are the Different Types of Level Indicators?

As we already said, there are multiple types of level indicators. And each has its particular application. However, the common types of level indicators are:

Transparent Level Indicators

These indicators are useful to detect the fluid level because the fluid is stored in high pressure and high temperature. Transparent level indicators find uses in chemical, petrochemical, and fertilizer industries.

Reflex Level Indicators

These indicators are helpful for high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive fluids applications. In addition, the level indicators can even detect colourless fluid used in industrial applications.

Magnetic Level Indicators

These are based on cylindrical floats and powerful magnets that help find the fluid level. The working mechanism involves magnetic capsules following the float movement to indicate the fluid level. These indicators give good visibility. Moreover, they are safe to use as they contain a non-fragile metal chamber.


There are more types of level indicators in addition to the devices mentioned above.

You will find other types of level indicators, such as tubular level indicators, float and board-level indicators, sight flow indicators, window- type- sight- flow indicators, manometers, and bi-colour indicators.

Notably, these level indicators come with advanced features, such as a built-in controller, continuous output measurement, and adjustable alarm switches.

What are Handwheels?

Handwheels play an essential role in the mechanical engineering industry as vital devices in various applications.

The working principle of handwheels involves operating around an axis. You can also run them manually.

Moreover, handwheels allow you to adjust machinery and control access to compartments.

Typically, handwheels allow you to grip them at their rim. And, many handwheels bear a stationary, revolving, or fold-away handle to ease your use.

Usually, handwheels find uses in machine tools, packaging, food industry machines, and textile equipment. With handwheels, you can achieve faster operations. Moreover, they prevent accidents with safety coupling bushings and safety fold-away handles.

There are many types of handwheels, such as Solid, Spoked, Flat and Dished. So, you need to choose the one that suits your need.

Moreover, different metals and plastics are used to make handwheels. So, you need to choose the material while purchasing handwheels. You need to ensure that the material is suitable for your needs.


You should avoid the mistake of buying such devices from an ordinary manufacturer. Instead, you must ensure that you purchase them from reputed manufacturers to get quality devices.


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