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Know Complete Guide On Marriage and Khula Procedure in Pakistan

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Marriage and Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

Jamila Law Associates can follow your marriage, divorce in Pakistan, and khula procedure in Pakistan. There are two kinds of necessity too. One is that a person cannot do without it, which is, of course, wajib after divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. The other is that while it will provide comfort, a person will be in difficulty without it though he can get along. So it is allowed to have this thing. It is not available a person may carry on without difficulty, but his heart is pleased with it. So it is allowed to keep it provided he can afford it. Then someone keeps something to show off and raise himself in other sights. This is forbidden.

These ranks apply to everything one may have or hope to have (Ohaib Od Dunya at-Tabligh v-4 p-165).


This is an evil custom in India. Even after marriage, the couple observes shyness with one another. This is rejected in the conduct of Sayydah Fatimah and Sayyidina Ali to show too much shyness is contrary to sunah. (Municipal 13-456, Islah ur Ruston P-91)


Some so-called intelligent people advise the husband when the bride is sent off to him, “Mind you, do not approach her now! This is very silly. A poet has said very aptly: (You put me down in the sea tied on a plank and warn me not to get wet). (Udall Jahiliyah) Do not blame youth if they say it is difficult after divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. Did you ever do that and keep aloof from your wife when alone? (Ruh us Siyam P-169)

1st Night:

THE FIRST NIGHT I have not seen it in any Hadith, but have heard some walima say that on the first night of the marriage, one must first offer two Rakat optional salah and thank Allah that he protected him from the unlawful and let him have the lawful. Then supplication must be made (as mentioned later on) regarding divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. So there is no harm in offering salah in gratitude, not as a sunnah. (Imdad ul. Fatwa v-2, P-182)


Shari’ah rejects the ruling of intelligence and commands that men and women should marry. The husband should put aside shame in the presence of their wives. There is nothing praiseworthy in shame that they should be shy of one another. (Anfas Eesa vel P-222) Shyness etc. is correct as long as that is a means of nearness. But if that becomes a means of keeping apart, then its opposite is necessary after divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. Some men cannot approach their wives because of shyness. They should shed shyness and begin to joke and play. If you have any questions or issues regarding the services of marriage or divorce or khula in Pakistan, you can feel free to contact Jamila Law Associates.


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