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Knee Joint Replacement: Purpose, Procedure & Risks

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A knee replacement procedure is a surgical procedure used to treat knee pain by replacing the damaged bone with a synthetic implant. Total knee joint replacement surgery is a procedure used to treat individuals suffering from knee pain by an orthopedic doctor in Kota. The goal of the process is to reduce pain and restore a patient’s mobility. While a knee replacement can help many people, it does have some risks and complications. This blog will discuss the procedure, risks and complications.

What is The Purpose of Knee Joint Replacement?

There can be multiple reasons why people opt for knee replacement surgery in India. Researches have shown that the most common reason to do so is because of knee damage caused due to arthritis. A person goes for this surgery when they are in extreme pain and discomfort. The threshold of ignorance reaches when they cannot do any daily routine tasks or work.

When the pain or damage can be treated with medicine, no doctor will recommend surgery. When solutions like medication, therapies, yoga, or any artificial options don’t work, that time you are left with a knee replacement surgery.

What is The Purpose of Knee Joint Replacement?

At Chanddni hospital, before suggesting knee surgery, the doctor always asks your preferences and other critical medical details to be double sure about your treatment. The doctors will ask for factors like when you experience pain, whether you had an injury, and if it is because of anything else. Please make sure you tell your doctor everything about your problem as it helps them take the proper decision for your treatment.

Preparation to do Before  Knee Replacement Surgery?

Preparation to do Before  Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee surgery is much more complicated than it sounds. The doctors knowns that and do their best to make this a success for every patient, but there are many things that you can do on your part. Firstly, you have to share all the medical details and past health issues that you encountered in your lifetime- surgery, injury, everything.

The medication also plays a vital role in the success of treatment; tell your doctor about that. Make sure that you are not taking any drugs or medicines at least 2 weeks before the surgery.

Other things that you can prepare before the surgery are:

  • Start preparing yourself mentally for the treatment.
  • Do not indulge in any activity that has changed you from getting hurt.
  • Do not use stairs till the time you are in the hospital.

What is the Procedure of Knee Surgery?

The procedure of knee surgery is straightforward. When you get into the hospital, the doctor will ask you to change into a medicated gown. They will also give you necessary fluids that might keep your nutrition level optimum.

Anaesthesia will be given to you to make you unconscious before starting the surgery. The drug will help you bear the pain as the operation can last up to 2 hours. Further, the doctor will remove the damaged cartilage or bone responsible for the pain and replace it with artificial ones.

After the replacement, stitches are done to close the incision. After two to three weeks, these stitches are removed.

Recovery After The Surgery

Recovery from knee replacement surgery is as important as the entire process. It is because the final success depends on that.

Recovery After The Knee Surgery

After the surgery, there are more than 50% chances that you might feel pain and discomfort. With proper consultation with the doctors, you can use painkillers to calm your pain.

Getting physical therapy is very important for fast recovery of your knee; doctors also recommend physical activities and treatments. You can hire a physiotherapy doctor to be regular in your exercises. Normal walking and exercises are good add-ons if you want to push yourself a little bit.

Complications Related to Surgery

Like any other treatment, knee replacement surgery also comes with some complications. Of course, these issues are not so prominent, but it is still essential to keep them in mind. The first and foremost complication of the surgery is a pain in the joint that might last up to 6 weeks after your operation.

Othe complications involved are as follows:

  • Stiffness and puffiness in the area
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage in the knee
  • Blood clots in the area
  • Chills
  • Fever

Higher chances of getting a bacterial infection are very common with knee surgery that you can experience. The leading cause of infection to the artificial joint is blood flow which has contaminants and bacteria.

So, if you find yourself suffering from any complications, it is always good to consult experts for the solution.

Chanddni hospital is one of the leading orthopaedic clinics that offers the best knee replacement surgery cost in India. With over 12 years of experience in the field, they can treat any knee damage and injury with the best success rates.

Check the website to learn more about knee joint replacement or free consultation now.


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