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Internet speed checker applications are used to make sure that your Wi-Fi and speed of internet are working properly. Internet service providers (ISPs) usually charge high so it is the fundamental right of users to know if they are getting the worth of money.

Unluckily, all applications are not authentic to properly guide the users.  Some applications are based on specific code; you may get the result on a specific application that is slower than others. Whenever a user complains about internet performance, the spokesperson will check ISP made test speed website a suddenly uploading and downloading speeds high. Speed test applications are just a tool that may help you to indicate what is wrong with the internet but they never guide you exactly.

After analysis of multiple applications, we conclude the result that a one-speed checker with clean interfaces and have less clutter rank high. They have an open signal meteor. Before checking through the application makes sure your WI-FI has a 5 GHz frequency, it will support the router. Meteor by OpenSignal is a fast and reliable aped checker application. Not only it has simple and plain terms but also it is free. It gives information on cellular coverage but deep network information does not give much.

This is one of the rare applications that are able to test the performance of networking. SpeedTest Master offers the most powerful tools for simple tests both on android and iOS. This application will help you to know where you should need to sit for the best connectivity. Test of speediest Master shows the strength of Wi-Fi. Another cool feature of this application is will help you to know which is best to ping off if you are in a busy area with many signals and also connect Wi-Fi publically.

Speed Test WI-Fi Analyzer analiti is another powerful app but may not provide an exact speed test. Not only Wi-Fi analyzer to get the details of different parts but also does test to check the speed of internet. This application facilitates your RSSI stats, decoded IEEE802.11, a spectrum map, and UDP test for iPerf3server. Speed Test WI-Fi Analyzer analiti is easily available on Google Play and the Amazon App store. Unfortunately, this application is not iOS friendly.

This is one of the free applications but once you have to pay $ 1.99 to remove ads. This app also has a premium version that costs $0.99 for 24 hrs, $1.99 for month and $9.99 per year, and for a lifetime $19.99. Fast by Netflix is easy to use application. Whenever you start this app, it begins to analyze downloading speed. It is available on iOS and android.

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