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Hydrate To Lose Weight: Why Water Is So Important To Your Body

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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If you feel thirsty you may be inclined to reach for a glass of water, or you may prefer to turn the kettle on. What is certain is that you’ll drink a liquid and that drink will be largely water, even if it is cleverly disguised as coffee. 

The simple fact is that the average human is 60% water, you need to consume water to stay alive. 

The Role Of Water In The Human Body

Water is in every cell of your body, it assists with the transmission of nutrients into those cells and the removal of toxins. Without it, your body wouldn’t function properly.

The water that leaves the cells carries toxins to your kidneys and is ultimately excreted. Naturally, this reduces the water level in your body. Alongside this, you’ll lose water when you sweat and through a variety of other everyday operations. 

That’s why you feel thirsty and need to drink water, to replenish what you’ve lost. 

It is worth noting that not all water is created equal. Although your local treatment works will have ensured the water is clean and safe to consume, they don’t concern themselves with mineral content. It is also possible that water can become polluted between the treatment works and your home. 

For that reason, it is advisable to talk to a specialist in water filters Melbourne and add one into your home. It will ensure that the water you are drinking is of the best quality possible. 

How It Helps Weight Loss

Water doesn’t magically make you lose weight overnight. You can’t drink a glass before bed and expect to wake up lighter. But, research does show a link between hydration and weight loss.

In short, when you are properly hydrated your body can work at peak efficiency. This means your metabolism is more efficient at burning fat and it will even help you to think clearer and faster. If your metabolism is working properly then you’ll be burning more calories than if you are not fully hydrated. The greater the calorie burn the more likely t is you’ll lose weight.

But, that’s not all. Drinking water regularly throughout the day will help you to feel full. This will reduce your appetite for food. In fact, many people confuse feeling hungry with being thirsty. That’s why nutritionists recommend a glass of water when you feel hungry and before you eat. 

It will reduce the amount of food you consume and this will help you lose weight. 

Don’t forget, water contains no calories. That means if you’re drinking more water and are not thirsty you are less likely to drink the calorie-full latte or soda. This also helps to reduce calorie intake and assists you to lose weight.

Naturally, drinking water while exercising will help to replace the water you’ve lost. It also ensures your body is working to the best of its ability, maximizing your ability to burn calories and lose weight.


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