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How will a PPC agency increase your ROI?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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How many of us understand the word PPC and what it can do for our businesses in digital marketing? Although 45% of businesses indulge in online advertising, most of these businesses don’t understand the concept very well. Here we will discuss how the efforts of PPC agencies can impact your business’ ROI.

65% of small and medium-sized businesses have an ongoing PPC campaign, but still, many of these businesses want to know more about the PPC concept to effectively market their brand. Let us understand some facts and stats about PPC first:

  • 47% of shopping across the globe is done online so this is the first step for you to understand the relevance of the PPC program for your business.
  • 96% of marketers have a budget aligned for their search ads, and 92% of the search engine market on a global platform is controlled by Google.

Some of the biggest challenges that businesses face while conducting online business are:

  • Fierce competition
  • Increase in ad blockers along with stringent market and industry regulations
  • Transforming customer demands and requirements
  • High spending on digital advertising
  • Different market standards

PPC campaign management conducted by professional PPC agencies is all about enhancing the impact of your advertising which encompasses pre-research, campaign setup, and ongoing optimization. It is rightly said that if you want to make money, you must spend money. Investing money in the right channel can eventually earn you more money.

A recent Google report shows that on average, if a business spends a dollar on Google Ads, it earns 2 dollars in revenue. And the simple reason for this easy math is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. Here let us understand what pay-per-click marketing is and how you can use a PPC agency optimally to enhance the ROI of your business. 

What Are PPC Marketing Services?

PPC means pay-per-click, which is an impactful digital advertising model in which the business pays a commission every time a user clicks on his ads. Here you pay for visits to your website/app/landing and the fees are insignificant as compared to the profits you can earn with that one clicks if converted into a sale. PPC ads can be in the form of videos, text, pictures, or an amalgamation of all. You can post PPC ads on social media platforms, webpages, search engines, and many other places. Pay-per-click advertising is most commonly found on search engine results pages and social media. You can take professional help from the experts of a well-established PPC agency for enhancing your PPC campaigns.

How Can a PPC Company Help Boost Your ROI?

Launching a PPC campaign isn’t enough; you need ppc management services from a trusted company to manage and monitor it diligently. There is a need to analyze your account performance and make effective implementations to optimize your campaigns. The agency will:

  • Add PPC Keywords continuously to extend the reach of your PPC campaigns.
  • Review expensive PPC keywords and disable them if necessary
  • Split Adgroups to create ad copy and landing pages.
  • Add Negative Keywords to improve campaign relevance and reduce unnecessary spending.
  • Not direct all your traffic to the same page.
  • Tailor your landing page content and call to action to individual searches to increase conversion rates.

Here are some ways in which PPC agencies can help your business boost ROI

They Set Up Tracking and Configuration Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring are imperative to find out the conversions derived from PPC ads leading to site purchases. You must use Google Analytics and enable conversion tracking to calculate your cart visits, product page views, and checkouts. This is the best way to track your ROI and conversions for each campaign.

When setting your goal, be sure to be specific. Set a time frame and identify the metrics you will track. Then schedule times to review your progress and adjust accordingly.

Goal-Setting for Each Campaign

After you have a robust tracking setup, you must set the right goals and objectives for your PPC campaign. Make sure you frame realistic and SMART goals. Make sure each ad has its own conversion goal set up and determine the success of your campaigns before initiating new PPC campaigns or making changes. Most marketers are familiar with “SMART” goals, which mean:

  • S – Specific and well-defined goals
  • M – Measurable to see how you are doing
  • A – Achievable understanding of what your team can accomplish
  • R – Relevant to your overall marketing strategy and business goals
  • T – Timely with clear deadlines to get the desired results on time

All your business-related objectives should be focused on overall ROI and year-over-year growth.

Minimize Costs and Maximize Ad Relevance

Ad relevance majorly influences Quality Score which makes it an important factor for businesses before they find the ROI of the business. The best way to ensure optimal relevance scores between keywords and ads/landing pages is to properly structure your account which is well managed by an expert PPC agency

Ad relevance means how the keyword phrase complements the matching ad copy/landing page combination. PPC agency is all about understanding and identifying the best keywords that will be used by your potential customers in searching for relevant products and services. Then choose the right keywords for your ads and stay ahead of the curve.

They consider the following before determining the goals of your PPC campaigns:

  • Keep ads short, catchy and relevant
  • Maintain a consistent look and message from ad to a landing page
  • Use ad extensions and location-based targeting
  • Benefit from remarketing where applicable
  • Indulge in A/B testing 

A/B Testing – A Critical Step to Enhance ROI

If you want your business ROI on the higher side, you need to ensure that the A/B testing covers all aspects of your PPC efforts, including data from Google Analytics and AdWords Conversion Tracking. It is imperative to analyze how different variables are performing within a single PPC campaign.

By testing different variables, the professionals can easily assess which specific keywords are effective in attracting maximum leads and clicks and you can analyze the optimal combinations of ads and landing pages to maximize ROI for each campaign. Testing empowers businesses to find out how users interact with ads and landing pages, resulting in higher conversion rates!

They monitor statistics like:

  • CPC: cost per click
  • CTR: click-through rate
  • CPA: cost per acquisition
  • Ad Spend: Amount of money spent on your ad
  • ROAS: return on ad spend
  • QS: Quality Level

Create Targeted Landing Pages for Every Ad

Professional services ensure that you don’t land every ad on your website homepage, which can leave a bad impression on the user. They help you create enticing landing pages so that your potential leads convert easily and get what they are looking for when they search for a product using keywords, and they reach your landing page.

Creating a good landing page requires an in-depth understanding of the user’s intent, as well as which factors influence conversions the most, so this can be quite a complicated process. In other words, you have to know exactly because every single visitor has decided to click on your advertising so that they can be converted to sales, which is why a PPC agency can help you derive it.

Here are some suggestions to increase the conversions of the landing pages.

  • A strong CTA
  • An attractive deal or a special offer
  • Shareable content
  • An effective, fast, secure, and reliable mobile experience 

Effective advertising leads people to your destination pages from where you can target your conversions.


A healthy PPC campaign needs consistent monitoring and hiring a professional PPC agency will help you achieve your PPC targets that will eventually enhance your ROI. Further, it will help you to analyze the results and calculate the ROI. You will also learn which marketing and advertising strategy work and which ones do not. So, get into PPC and constantly track and measure the performance of your ads.


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