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How to stop feeling like a failure

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One of your friends got married, and the other just had a baby, while you are perpetually single. Your roommate from college got into a doctoral program, whereas you cannot even land a job. Your sister just started her own business, and you are stuck in temp jobs.

Such moments of comparison then quickly spiral into negativity. You then start to perceive yourself as a failure, as we do live in a relative world where your wins and losses are considered relative to other people. 

There are many other reasons for feeling like a failure; some people are torn down by their partners or have their abusive childhood to blame. 

Whatever the reason, feeling like a failure is not healthy. It leads to many mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, that then require treatment from the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Stopping the feelings of failure

Getting out the abyss of feeling like a failure is very important, as you as a person, deserve better than to beat yourself, yourself. Here are some things that can help you along the journey of emotional wellness

Let the past go

It is important that you let go of the past failures. Just because you flunked one test does not mean you will flunk all future tests. Instead of dwelling in the past, you should actively tell yourself that it does not dictate your present. 

Moreover, dissect all such moments of failures. Write down the things that you learnt from these experiences. Once you realize the profound things learnt from your failures, you will stop perceiving them with so much hostility, and instead take them as moments of learning.


Writing not only is cathartic, but it also helps you get perspective. Hence, try to write all your wins, compare to your failures, to understand that you are indeed very talented. 

Social media hiatus 

Much of the negative emotions with regards to your failure stem from the constant comparison you do with others. People naturally tend to put up only good things on their profiles; no one will talk to you about their failures and moments of weakness, as no one wants to appear as vulnerable. 

The social medica persona therefore is not real; it is curated from cherry-picked moments. Do not then fall for the trap of social media. If it’s still too much for you to take in, it is better than you simply take a hiatus from social media. 

Take a compliment 

Many a times, you are not a failure, but you feel yourself as one. Just because life is not following a trajectory that you have envisioned for yourself, you start to disregard all your wins, and focus on what they have not managed to achieve. 

It is imperative that you stop this habit. When someone compliments you for something, then take it at face value. Accept it rather than shrugging it off as unreal or insincere. 

Work on your self-esteem

An important reason for feeling like a failure is due to your low self-esteem. You need to start loving yourself and being kinder to yourself. Stop sabotaging yourself by letting the negative emotions dictate your actions. 

One trick to being nice to yourself is by treating yourself as if you would treat others. You can also try to chase away the negative talk by positive energy. Try to actively channel positive thoughts. Surround yourself with motivational words that lift you up. All these will then help you realize and recognize your talents; your self-esteem will improve as well.

Medical help 

Despite your efforts otherwise, you might not be able to get through the feeling of failure. If that is the case with you, then it is perhaps time to seek help from the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi as otherwise, the fear of problems like stress and depression looms great.


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