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How to Start an Art Collection: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking to start an art collection at home? The art-collecting scene continues to evolve in today’s fast-paced world. Millennials and women are injecting new energy among art collectors.

Collecting and displaying works of art should never be about age or gender. Passion for art is a good foundation, but it’s not enough. Continue reading below for a quick guide to building an art collection.

1. Start An Art Collection With An Advisor

Before you start an art collection, find an art advisor to guide you through the process. An advisor is a professional with valuable information. They can suggest vital pieces for your collection.

Find an advisor willing to work with beginners. Talk about your collection goals and starting budget. They can also connect you with artists with works matching your preferences.

2. Set Up A Budget

Create an art collection budget and be honest with it. Don’t let the pressure of buying what’s popular get into your head. Invest in the art appealing to you personally.

Buying original prints is a good option for beginners. You’ll get the pieces you love without paying too much.

Some artists offer original prints of their works. They often release these prints to raise funds for their favorite charities. Alternatively, you can commission an artist to make a minuscule copy of your desired artwork.

3. Mind Your Space

No art collection strategy is complete without considering ample space for the artworks. The paintings should enhance your space.

They don’t need to match your home décor or furniture. Sometimes, the artworks can create a contrast that’ll add more character to the space. Digital reproductions like the Peranakan painting can complement walls, rugs, and floors.

Make sure to pick a spot where direct sunlight and humidity will not affect the paintings.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Your instincts will play a crucial role in developing your collection’s character. Ideally, invest in something that pleases your eyes. Since different artists may appeal to your taste in art, be bold and discerning.

When two artists offer something you like, pick the one from a budding artist with the potential to make it big. Make your collection an extension of your personality.

5. Follow Artists On Instagram

Instagram is changing traditional art appreciation and expanding the reach of younger artists. Follow your favorite artists on Instagram and watch out for their latest creations.

Some of the most promising graduates from leading fine art schools also showcase their works on the platform.

6. Display Your Collection

Last but not least, display your collection with pride. Give the artworks the presentation they deserve by using quality frames. Use the correct glass to protect them from UV rays.

Never neglect art collection maintenance. Hire professional cleaners who have the proper tools and knowledge for cleaning artworks.

Go Beyond Collecting Art

Now you know how to start an art collection, you can scout for artworks and prepare your space and budget. If you’re looking for other ways to boost your home’s aesthetics, investing in art is only one of the many ways to go.

Do you need more helpful guides? Check out our different articles for more exciting ideas.


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