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How To Renovate Your Rooms in Minimalist Style

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The minimalist style has certainly become the buzzword of the decade. It’s promoted by countless design gurus and urges you to get rid of all unnecessary items. For example, instead of showcasing a bunch of pictures on your walls, there’d just be one as an eyecatcher. But how do you achieve the minimalist style? The answer could hardly be any easier than this: declutter. You’d certainly benefit from the assistance of a professional junk removal service like on your minimalist journey.

What is a Minimalist Style?

The minimalist style hasn’t been a new invention at all. When exactly it was created might be a topic for design historians to argue about. However, its first origins can be traced back to the De Stijl movement in the Netherlands in about 1917. It received further appreciation by the Bauhaus style which emerged in Germany in the 1920s at the Bauhaus design school. 

The idea behind minimalism has been to get rid of all the decorations ornaments each home used to be covered with in the centuries before. At the same time, it aims at using well-designed furniture becoming the main attraction of a room. It’s quite a mix of using as little furniture and decorative objects as possible while also using unique furniture shapes.

Steps to Create Minimalist Style

Taking advantage of a few furniture and other items also highlights the functionality of your furniture.

However, the minimalist style doesn’t stop at just using a few furniture items. This is where a junk removal service comes in handy. If you redecorate your home in the minimalist style you also use very few colours. At best, you choose just two colours that harmonize with each other. 

Most of the time these two colours would be based around white and creamy tones. Going for rather drastic contrasts such as white or creamy white with black or ebony can also be part of a minimalist concept. 

Of course, you can also choose two different colours, but those might get your minimalist approach out of whack. If you went for blue and a creamy white, you’d have to keep the colours of your furniture within the same colour range. As such, the colours of your walls might already determine your colour concepts with your furniture. Patterns are also only sparsely used. 

An exception can also be styled for the minimalist style if you just keep your rooms as empty as possible after a thorough junk removal. Wood-panelled walls can come to the fore and create a focal point while you use light colours for furniture and area rugs or curtains.

Below, we’ve listed some epic tips to create the perfect minimalist style:

Step 1 for the Minimalist Style

If you look around in your home, you may notice you’ve got a lot of stuff. Your living room is lined with endless bookshelves and covered in decorative items like lots of throw pillows. As ‘less is more’ is quite the motto of the minimalist style, so you’ll have to get rid of lots of stuff – even some things you may still love.

Pick a room you’d like to start with. Your bedroom might be the easiest to go for at the start since bedrooms usually don’t have as much furniture. The centrepiece of your bedroom would be your bed while there’d be no other furniture but a nightstand and your closet. To go full minimalist style you may want to declutter your clothes first.

Ultimately, your closet would turn into a capsule wardrobe. Pull out all the clothes you’ve got and only choose those items you wear regularly to go back into your closet. Take out clothes you haven’t worn in ages and consider donating them. 

Think of clothes you’d wear in summer and in winter to keep. You can wear T-shirts under a thick jumper in winter and wear the T-shirt as it is in summer. With all the new space you’ll find in your closet, you can most likely let go of your chest of drawers. Give a junk removal team a call to pick up the items you let go of. Choose a main colour and only blinds for your windows.

Step 2 for the Minimalist Style

Does your furniture suit the minimalist style? The minimalist style mainly uses straight lines for furniture as you’d find it with Scandinavian furniture designs. But you can certainly keep one item that’s more embellished and of an unusual design shape. With less clutter, you automatically turn it into an accent for your room. Choose only one unique furniture item and let go of all the others. For each room, you’d only leave the most necessary furniture. 

Obviously, it’d be a bed and a closet in your bedroom. Your living room would have nothing but a sofa, a coffee table, a TV stand and just one bookshelf for books as well as a selected few decorative items. 

You could try to sell furniture you’re throwing out for your minimalist style. If no one’s interested or just to quicken the process, a junk removal team might be a more efficient approach.

Step 3 for the Minimalist Style

Even though the minimalist style doesn’t promote decorative items as much, you can certainly keep some. If it comes to photos, find a place to store the majority and only hang up to three of the same size on the wall. You can switch them out at any time and thus create new accents with every season. Or you’d just go for one with a unique picture frame. 

Go easy on throw pillows and other throws. The minimalist style wouldn’t promote having dozens of them. Pick just a few that are most necessary and try to keep these items in the same colour palette. If you have too much, just hand them to the junk removal guys when they come around to haul out your surplus furniture.

Parting Words

When it comes to windows, you don’t use heavy curtains. At best, you don’t use curtains or blinds at all. Privacy could become an issue in this case though, for which you’d probably not want to get rid of all curtains or blinds during junk removal. Simple blinds are fine, but as curtains, you’d always choose the thinnest without any patterns. 


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