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How to Identify a Narcissist

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It is a far more complex trait than mere vanity. Here you will find out about narcissists’ behaviors, all characteristics, and how to cope with their toxic behavior.

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?

From a psychiatric perspective, a narcissist is a person who is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It is a cluster B personality disorder in which a person creates his fantasies about himself as a superior being, so he loses empathy for others.

A Narcissist is an overly self-obsessed person. People with narcissistic personalities love to idealize themselves in every possible way. An overly self-involved person is often vain and selfish. Self-Obsession makes a person arrogant. Narcissists are very rebellious about changing their behavior. They are stubborn and don’t understand their problem.

Some other traits of a narcissist’s personality also comprise manipulative, demanding and cocky behavior. Their characteristics make them less human when you feed them with their demands instead of resisting and talking to them on the issue.

5 Major Signs of a Narcissistic Personality

So let’s discuss some of the Narcissistic traits and how to deal with such behavior.

   1.   A Self-Centered Personality

Their way of talking or dealing with others tells a lot about their personality. In every argument, a narcissist always tries to out their needs and himself first instead of having empathy for other people.

So such argument will never go anywhere settling down soon. To deal with such person selfishness, distance yourself from them for that moment. They will eventually understand and apologize for their actions.

   2.  Master of Manipulators

They are the master of manipulating people. They can gain people’s trust and empathy for them so quickly and use people only according to their interests.

For winning the argument or proving themselves, they can do anything. They can go to any extent without any hesitation, so they often find doing less-human instincts in their doings to achieve something.

    3.  Intimidates, bullies, or belittles others

You can often find them intimidating or over-powering others, and sometimes they do this even with their loved ones. To cope with this, draw your boundaries to maintain your self-respect.

     4.  They Constantly demand Self-Praise and Admiration

A narcissist builds his persona in his mind where he is the ultimate person who is perfect in every possible way. To feed their ego, they demand self-praise from others frequently and often

try to be a wanna-be in front of others.

To deal with such stupidness, try to calm their mind. You can even motivate them to achieve higher goals in life.

      5.  Zero empathy for others

A person with a narcissist disorder feels zero empathy for others. They become selfish to achieve their needs, and during this, they feel no shame or guilty if they have to crush people’s feelings. They become servants of their demands.

Final Verdict

Narcissism is a well-known personality disorder. By learning about its signs, one can quickly identify a narcissist personality and, instead of hating, can help a person with this disorder by identifying his traits and acting upon the solutions provided above in this article.


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