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How to Hang Curtains Over Blinds

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Installing new window treatments can be a challenging project. If you are considering hanging curtains over blinds, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. First, measure the window frame. Start at the top of the window frame and work your way down. Then measure the width of the curtain, starting from the hem to the floor. If you’re hanging the curtains over studs, measure the studs and the distance between them and the ceiling.

Measurements Tips

In addition to measurements, make sure the window is level and the blinds are at the same height. Try to avoid using curtain rods that are too long. This will cause sagging. Instead, use wide curtain rods and decorative finials to cover the window. Depending on the type of blinds, you may choose to hang vertical curtains by wall curtains. For horizontal blinds, use curtains and a wide curtain rod.

If the window is high or narrow, use curtain brackets on the headrail. In some cases, adhesive hooks on the wall will look better with Venetian blinds. Be sure to install hooks that can hold five pounds each. If you’re using heavy curtain rods, you may need to place more adhesive hooks on the wall. Then, insert a third hook above the center of the window.

Benefits of Hanging curtains over blinds

If you don’t want to drill into the wall, try hanging the curtains over blinds instead. This method allows you to hang the curtains without damaging the walls and can be much easier than installing blinds yourself. When it comes to installing blinds, use wide curtain rods that are wider than the window. This will allow you to adjust them to fit the window. You may need to add decorative finials to the chains.

Blinds installation tips

  • When installing blinds, you must keep the existing blinds. Putting curtains over blinds will make your home look more polished and add a layer of security. Just remember to write down the measurements and have all the tools you need at hand. Then, start to hang your curtains. Then, take your time! Once you have the hangers in place, it’s time to install the blinds. You’ll be glad you did it!
  • When hanging blinds, consider the placement of the window. If you’re hanging them over the blinds, you need to hang them above them. The curtains should be wider than the blinds. Then, they should stick out a few inches on either side of the blinds. This is to make them look balanced. After the closing curtain, you should hang the blinds. You can then attach the drapery rod.
  • In most cases, the window blinds will stick out from the window. If you’re hanging the curtains over the blinds, you’ll need to adjust them to fit the blinds. Usually, you’ll need to adjust the blinds to match the window size. This will be easier with the top blinds. You’ll need a chain to secure the curtains over the top of the blinds.

Other options to hang curtains properly

  • You can hang curtains on either side of a window. Then, you’ll need to attach the curtain rod to the rods. In addition to attaching the rods to the windows, you’ll need to install the curtains over the blinds. Once the window treatment is in place, you can move the curtains to the other side. You can adjust the curtains to the correct position and make them look better.
  • Installing curtains is easy. You’ll need to purchase a track system, which you’ll screw into the wall. Alternatively, you can install brackets on the wall directly above the window. You’ll need to measure the windows and blinds, and then hang the curtains. Once you’re done, you’ll have a new set of window treatments. But you’ll need to take the time to do this so that you’ll have everything you need for the job.
  • To hang the curtains over blinds, you’ll need to attach them to the headrail bar. Then, you’ll need to put the curtains on the rods. Then, you’ll need to place the curtain brackets on the headrail bar. Once you’ve done this, you can attach the curtain rods to the window frames. And remember to hang the curtain rods to the wall studs to avoid a weakened window.


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