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How to Get Clear Skin: 6 Perfect Tips

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Did you know that millions of microbes populate the human skin? Those include bacteria, fungi, and viruses, collectively termed the skin microbiota.

That may sound scary, but many of those microbes are harmless. Some are even beneficial, forming a protective barrier on the skin.

Unfortunately, other microbes are pathogenic, causing skin diseases. Worse, such conditions are prevalent, affecting up to a third of people in the US at any given time.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your body’s largest organ healthy. We’ve shared the top tips in this guide on how to get clear skin, so be sure to keep reading!

1. Shower Before You Sleep

According to researchers, close to 90% of the global population experiences daily pollution. Unfortunately, they also associate exposure to polluted air with inflammatory skin diseases. Acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis are to name a few.

That should be enough reason to include a nighttime shower into your bedtime routine. Doing so ensures you can rid your body not only of pollutants but sweat and odor, too. In addition, going to bed cleaner can also help you avoid soiling your beddings.

You might want to go for hot showers, though, as research suggests it may enhance sleep. Studies found that showering in water heated from 40 to 42.5 °C (104 to 108.5 °F) improved self-rated sleep quality. Participants also reported better sleep efficiency and shortened sleep onset latency.

2. Every Night Should Be a Time for Beauty Sleep

A single night of sleep deficiency (five hours or less) can be enough to induce more wrinkles and fine lines. It can also cause droopy skin, a paler complexion, darker circles under the eyes, and an overall look of being sad.

That highlights the importance of proper sleep in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. More than that, adequate sleep ensures the body can recuperate and recover.

In addition, sleep boosts the body’s secretion of growth hormones (GH). GH, according to researchers, can help stimulate collagen synthesis and wound healing, that is why you will need to buy sermorelin peptides online in order to make this possible.

So, start taking care of your skin (and overall health) by tucking yourself into bed early. That way, even if you have to get up at 4 AM, you can still get at least seven hours of ZZZs.

3. Slather on Some Skin Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are so potent that up to 80% of them can permeate the clouds, and ultimately, your skin. That’s why you don’t have to stay under the sun for hours to develop sunburns. It can take only minutes for unprotected skin to burn when exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Aside from sunburns, UV exposure can trigger premature skin aging, too. It can also lead to actinic keratosis, leathery skin, liver spots, and wrinkles. All those are bad enough, but the worst hazard is skin cancer.

For those reasons, it’s best to use sunscreen with a sun protective factor (SPF) of at least 15. In addition, go for a product labeled broad-spectrum, which means it can block both UVA and UVB rays. Lastly, be sure to slather on liberal amounts before you head outdoors, even when it’s cloudy.

4. Mind Your Skincare Products

Most skin experts classify skin as one of five types, although some researchers say there can be up to 16. However, the primary ones include normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive.

Either way, it’s vital to know what your skin type is so that you can choose the right skincare products. Otherwise, you could end up using something that could worsen existing skin woes. Products not suitable for your skin type could even cause new problems.

For instance, if you have oily skin, you might want to try beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) products. That includes salicylic acid, which can help keep acne at bay by controlling sebum. That action also makes them among the best products for sebaceous filaments.

On the other hand, consider using products with shea butter if you have dry skin. It helps hydrate the skin and may also smoothen or soften rough, dry patches.

If you’re unsure of your skin type, you can always reach out to a dermatologist. That way, the skin doctor can confirm what type you have and recommend the right products for you.

5. Treat Yourself to Some R&R

There’s evidence that higher stress levels can aggravate dermatological conditions. According to reports, these include acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea.

High levels of stress, after all, cause the body to release more of the hormone called cortisol. That compound, in turn, increases the skin glands’ sebum production. The more oil in the skin, the likelier the pores can get clogged, thus, triggering acne breakouts.

So, as much as possible, give yourself some time to relax and destress. Something as simple as me-time or taking a long, warm bath can already be enjoyable and relaxing. Exercising, meditating, and doing yoga may also help.

6. Nourish Yourself With Healthy Foods

Fatty fish, including herring, mackerel, and salmon, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids, in turn, contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that keeps the skin healthy. For instance, it can help moisturize the skin and keep it supple and firm.

Conversely, DHA deficiency can lead to dry skin, diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

Fruits and vegetables that are vibrant red or orange are also excellent for the skin. That’s because their color comes from compounds known as carotenoids. The body then converts some of those into vitamin A, a vital component of skin cell reproduction.

With that said, you can boost your skin’s health by feasting on more fish, fresh fruits, and veggies.

At the same time, avoid too much ultra-processed food, such as frozen meals and fast food. For one, they lack nutritional value; thus, they won’t do your skin any favors. Most importantly, studies have found a link between them and increased health risks.

Follow These Tips on How to Get Clear Skin

There you have it, your comprehensive guide on how to get clear skin. Now that you know, it’s best to give all the tips we’ve discussed a well-deserved shot.

Start by taking a hot nighttime shower, followed by getting enough ZZZs. Also, be sure to use SPF protection daily, and lastly, get the right products for your skin type.

Did you like this article? If so, feel free to stick around our site to check out our other health and lifestyle guides!


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