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How to Get a Timeshare: A Quick Guide

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Did you know that 36% of Americans haven’t taken a vacation in 2 years or more? For 44% of them, they say they don’t have enough money to go on one.

You might wish to go on vacation, and you’ve barely saved enough to book a trip. But what if we told you there’s a way to stretch your dollars so you can go on more vacations in the future?

This is what we’re talking about: buying a timeshare!

If you’re interested, then read on for a brief guide on how to get a timeshare.

Finding a Timeshare

In the past, you’d walk around at popular tourist destinations and salespeople would approach you, asking if you’d like to attend a presentation about their timeshare resorts. You could also ask a real estate broker to see your options.

However, the internet’s made things much more accessible! All you have to do is hop online, view timeshare listings, and then choose one to buy.

Choosing a Timeshare

Right off the bat, you might find some timeshares that are attractively priced. But don’t jump straight into buying them!

Make sure you explore your options and create a shortlist. From there, negotiate for a lower price. You should never pay full price for a timeshare!

Purchasing a Timeshare

Also, check the fine print. Timeshares inside the country are actually different from ones outside, so you need to know exactly what you’re getting into.

For example, an overwhelming majority (95%) of American timeshares give you a deed to the property. This means you can rent it out, sell it, or even pass the deed onto your children.

On the other hand, foreign timeshares give you licenses or memberships, which means you can only use the property for as long as the contract specifies. There are often other restrictions as well. You should also note that you’re not protected by US laws here.

Be aware that you get a right of rescission when signing timeshares. This means you have a short time period to back out of a sales contract and get fully refunded. There are different laws for the right of rescission in each state, so don’t let a seller pressure you into signing in a different state than where the property’s located.

Canceling Your Timeshare

If you end up not liking your timeshare, know that there are ways out of it. For example, has an attorney who can help you cancel your timeshare and clean up your credit so you come out of it relatively unscathed.

Of course, you can always sell your timeshare. But if you’re finding it to be a long and tedious process, then cancellations are possible.

Know How to Get a Timeshare

Now you know how to get a timeshare, as well as how to cancel one if needed. Buying one can be a great way to get away and relax, without worrying about spending too much money. So get started on saving for vacations today!

If you found these timeshare tips helpful, then keep reading our blog page!


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