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How to Create a Workout Routine You Will Follow

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The benefits of exercising are endless. From reducing your risk of illness and accidents to improving your mental health and self-esteem, there’s no part of your life that isn’t affected by a good workout!

It’s easier than you may think to jump into the world of fitness and reap the rewards!

Wondering how to create a workout routine? You don’t need to be overwhelmed. Follow this guide to find out how you can get started today!

Set Your Goals

Every fitness routine starts with a solid set of goals. You need to know where you’re going before you create a plan!

Decide what you want your exercise to result in: are you trying to lose weight, looking to gain muscle, or improve your endurance and flexibility? How quickly do you want to see the benefits of exercising? All of these will affect how your exercise routine maps out!

Go beyond goal-setting. You can find all the tools you’ll need to support your goals – like apparel, supplements, and equipment – at Division 42.

Do Your Research

You have your goals in place, but it’s not quite time to hit the gym yet! Do thorough research to find out what kind of exercises will give you the results you want.

You also need to make sure you know the right ways to exercise! You could do more harm than good to your body if you use improper form.

Need help with your research, or just want some tips for working out? Consider hiring a personal trainer to guide you on your journey! Having a dedicated support person can get you further much faster!

Make Your Schedule

Remember that exercising isn’t just about the workout – you need to schedule appropriate resting times as well! That looks like alternating the type of exercise you do and taking days off to recover.

Balance your schedule so that each muscle group can recover. You’ll know you’re ready for the next focused workout when you’re not sore.

Make your schedule long-term, too! As you improve, you’ll need less recovery time and more active time to keep seeing growth. Be prepared to up the intensity as you go!

Track Your Progress

Sticking to the routine you created is hard if you can’t see how far you’ve come! Watch yourself improve by keeping diligent records.

Keep track of things like your active and resting heart rate, the amount of weight you lift, the distance and speed you run, and your weight! It can also be helpful to track your moods and how you feel physically and mentally.

Your records will keep you motivated and help you adjust your routine in the future.

Now That You Know How to Create a Workout Routine

Don’t hesitate; get started today! It’s always the right time to kickstart your exercise and achieve the look and lifestyle you want!

If this article helped you out, go beyond learning how to create a workout routine! Find more health and exercise tips on the lifestyle page of this site. You’ll discover the tricks that can keep you happy and healthy for years to come.


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