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How Are Countertop Display Boxes Different From Others Display Boxes?

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A countertop display box is used to display different products on counters in the retail stores. On the other hand, an ordinary display box may express products on shelves. These boxes may also come with handles to hang with the walls or hooks. Following is a detailed guide to understanding the differences between these two display boxes.

Countertop Boxes

Following are some of the essential and distinctive features of countertop boxes. They can help to understand how they differ from ordinary display boxes.

  • Suitable For Sensitive Items

The name shows that sensitive items are fragile and can’t withstand higher pressures. For example, glassware, wine bottles, or other fragile makeup items cannot withstand higher pressures. Any careless handling may lead to their breakage or wastage. The packaging boxes for displaying products on counters can be lightweight and less sturdy. They may get support from the counters and keep these fragile items safe. Countertop boxes are suitable for sensitive items because there is no risk of falling or breaking the things. They may provide additional support to these items due to the counters underneath.

  • The Best Option For Heavyweight Objects

There are different display boxes, such as hanging products or others. Heavyweight objects should be handled with great care. They can’t be turned with the walls because no container can hold heavyweight things. You may consider these countertop boxes for all kinds of heavyweight objects because of their additional safety. They can have the weight of objects because of support due to counters underneath. Hence, you should remember that these boxes are the best option for heavyweight things compared to ordinary display boxes.

  • The Best Marketing Tool

Counters are present in the corners of the retail outlets. They have to face the customers and people come to see them after entering the stores. This is why counter boxes are the best tool of marketing compared to ordinary display boxes because they are present in front of customers. They are easily visible and approachable for consumers. Countertop display packaging can be printed with the content to demonstrate your products. They can also come with the information of the brand to promote it. Hence, these boxes can be the best marketing tool.

  • Exclusive Features

In the case of counter boxes, there are limited customization features. They don’t come with additional custom-shaped handles. They also don’t come with airtight lids. These boxes may come with custom inserts and placeholders to keep the delicate items. They may also come with transparent die-cut custom-shaped windows. They can be the best way to display your items in the stores and attract customers.

Display boxes

Following are some characteristics of display boxes that are different from countertop boxes.

  • Unsuitable For Heavyweight Products

Ordinary display boxes can be suitable for all kinds of products. They can help display all products such as jewelry items, makeup products, and other items. They aren’t suitable for displaying heavyweight objects. Their base flaps can’t hold heavyweight items. They are only ideal for lightweight and small-sized items. Delicate things cannot be said inside these boxes because they may not be securely. For light objects, most brands use countertop boxes.

  • It Can Be Hung With Walls

The best thing about custom display boxes is their property that they can be hung with the walls. You can also display them with the help of hooks inside your display counters. They come with handles to hang them with the walls. These boxes also come in various shapes to grab the attention of people. They can display the products attractively and help in boosting sales.

  • Additional Custom Features 

Custom display packaging may come with various additional features to present the products distinctively. It may come with custom-shaped windows to allow people to see the products without unboxing while they are hung. They also possess additional custom inserts and placeholders to keep different objects arranged inside them. Many other features set them apart from others, such as custom-shaped airtight lids. 

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Cutting things short, we can say that the countertop display box is different from others because it is only suitable for displaying items on counters. They are the best way of arranging and showing items on counters to grab customers. Their additional custom features can help to generate more revenue by increasing sales. 


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