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Hacked on Instagram? Here’s How to Get your Account Back

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There are many hackers and scammers that try to hack people’s online accounts and even succeed in doing the same. People are usually very aware of different online activities and they protect their accounts but still, the hackers do succeed in gaining control of your account and leave you helpless. Many people think that only the famous accounts of celebrities and media personalities are hacked then you are wrong, hackers take control of your account for different purposes like gaining your identity, stealing your personal information and partaking in illegal activities that can’t be traced back to them.

So, if you are also struggling with a hacked Instagram account and looking for ways to recover hacked Instagram account 2022 then, you need not worry as we are going to tell you how you can get your account back.

Signs that your Instagram has been Hacked

Before we tell you some methods with which you can get your account back, it is important to confirm that your account has been indeed hacked. So, there are some tell-tale signs that will tell you how to know if your account has been hacked?

  1. When you can no longer open your account even after entering the correct password
  2. Receiving notification about a suspicious login attempt from some other device
  3. Activities are done from the account that has not been prompted by you

How can you Recover your Hacked Instagram Account?

There are certain methods that you can try when you are sure that your account has been hacked by a hacker. So, read all the methods that we are telling here and then choose the best one for you based on the circumstances.

  • Check your Email

If your Instagram account is connected with your email then, you will receive a security email from Instagram when someone else is trying to log into your account. You need to look for an email from security and then open the mail and click the ‘Revert This change’ option. This will probably reset the account to its original settings.

  • Request a log-in link

If you see no email in your inbox then, this method should help you if you feel that your Instagram hacked changed email & number. For this, you need to open the log-in page of Instagram and then, tap the ‘Get help logging in’ option that is present there. The same option is named ‘Forgot Password’ on an iOS device. 

After that, you need to type your username, email address and password and then ask Instagram to send a login link. Once you receive the link, you need to click on it and then follow the instructions that are given to you to get access to your account back. 

These two methods will help you in getting access to your Hacked Instagram account back. Make sure that you follow all the steps correctly to get your account back.

Hope that this blog of ours has been able to help you with your Instagram related issues. 


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