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Is Automation an Important Part of Georgia Pool Cleaning?

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Today, everyone tries to make their lives easier by adding the latest technologies to their homes and offices. One of the most famous of these innovative technologies is automation which can be added to different appliances. You will be surprised that automation can be integrated with Georgia pool cleaning.

Understanding Automation as Part of Georgia Pool Cleaning Service

Firstly, you have to understand the concept of automation of swimming pools. It is a system that can be installed in different parts of the pool to save time manually adjusting the controls. You can add the settings to the controls according to the seasons and your desires. With a click of the button, the settings can be changed.

What are the Benefits of Automation of Swimming Pools?

Many people don’t prefer the automation of their swimming pools because they think of it as a waste of time and money. Automation will indeed cost a little more, but it will save time and money on pool cleaning and maintenance after the installation. Other than these, automation gives the following benefits as well.

Chemical Maintenance is Effortless

The automated machines test and adjust the level of chemicals in the water. Pool owners don’t have to check the level of chemicals manually. The number of chemicals and timing when they have to be circulated can be programmed, and the rest of the automated equipment will do it independently.

Every Function is Fully Remote Controlled

It takes a lot of time and effort to function the heating system, pumps, and filters manually. But when you have control of the swimming pool on your smartphone, you can sit anywhere and turn the whole system on and off.

Several Systems can Be Automated

All systems of swimming pools, as well as spas, can be automated. These include the on and off the system, pool lights, alarms, heating system, pumps, filters, and circulating system. Also, some companies provide the facility of connecting multiple pools.

Automate the Swimming Pool From Anywhere

People are often out shopping or doing any other activity, and they want to have a relaxing evening in the swimming pool or spa. On your way home from work or returning from a vacation, you can turn the swimming pool on and adjust the settings from your smartphone.

Keep a Stable Temperature

It takes a lot of time to adjust the pool’s temperature manually, and at times, the settings can fluctuate. But with automation installed by swimming pool maintenance companies like Pool Cleaning Georgia, the temperature is pre-entered and adjusted with the click of the button.

Save Money in the Long Run

The automation system monitors the usage of energy and adjusts the settings accordingly. Also, the adjustable speed of different systems saves money on energy spent. The maintenance cost is also reduced as the automation system checks the circulation of chlorine and other chemicals.

Points to Consider When Going for Automation

When you are trying to select the automation system for your pool, you have to think about certain factors that might affect the cost of the swimming pool. These are three points: budget, features, and expanding the swimming pool.

How Much is the Budget?

The swimming pool maintenance companies will suggest the features and cost of automation according to the clients’ budget. Sometimes the automation doesn’t integrate with the existing pool features. So, all or some features have to be installed with the automation system. This also will increase the cost.

What Features to Automate?

Another factor that can affect the cost is the choice of features that you want to automate. If clients wish to automate all features of the swimming pool, then they should be prepared to spend a lot of money, but you will save in the long run.

Do you wish to Expand?

Some homeowners want to automate specific features of the swimming pool and save others for later installation. This means that expansion of automation can be required later. The clients have to arrange for the amount of expansion also.

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These are some important points that clients must consider when hiring Georgia pool cleaning services that also provide automation for swimming pools.

Below are questions that further explain what swimming pool automation is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to automate your pool?

There are several factors like the budget of the client, what features to automate, if the current features are compatible with automation, and the expansion of the swimming pool that Georgia pool cleaning companies have to consider when determining the cost.

Can I control my pool with my phone?

Yes, you will find several mobile apps compatible with the automation you might install. You have to ask the maintenance and repair companies which app will best control the pool.

Is pool automation necessary?

Yes, automation of the swimming pool is necessary because it reduces time and money on maintenance and applying settings manually, and you can control the automation through any mobile device.


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