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Gamification in the Workplace

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The practice of gamification is becoming popular among many industries and businesses. A gamified business website can be a powerful tool for increasing customer loyalty. The newest gamification software, called edu gamify, is easy to implement, and many successful examples have already appeared. Listed below are some of the most popular examples. Using gamification in the workplace will increase your company’s profits. However, a few important aspects of gamified websites need to be taken into account.

Gamified App

A gamified app isn’t just for games. Developing a fun shopping experience can lead to a higher level of customer engagement and a higher rate of sales. For example, Starbucks uses gamification to encourage users to download its app and purchase coffee. It also rewards new users with a free coffee. By offering a reward for use of their mobile application, you can encourage people to download and use the app more often. For App development you can hire Mobile App Development Company

Learn and Build Habits Through Game Dynamics

A game dynamic can help make learning and habit-building more fun. Companies like Novateus use gamification to motivate employees and improve customer satisfaction. The U.S. Army uses gamification to attract recruits. The recruiting site uses military training games that are proven to increase recruitment. Other companies have implemented a game-like environment for learning and improving a business. For example, Starbucks has a popular mobile app that rewards users with free coffee after completing certain tasks.

Gamification can be applied in the workplace to encourage responsible habits. It can also be used for promotional purposes. A popular example is the Coca-Cola A Club loyalty program. Its participants can log in to check in on Facebook Places. It is also useful in many other situations. For example, a gamified movie can encourage viewers to take part in a marathon. A movie with an interactive component can motivate them to perform their best.

Improve Customer Experience

Using gamification in the workplace can improve a company’s customer experience. For example, a mobile app may provide a free gift when customers purchase certain products or register with a mobile application. These incentives encourage the users to spend more money. Another example of a gamified application is the Starbucks’ mobile app. By offering a free gift for users who register, it encourages them to continue using the app. This is a great way to engage with customers.

Engage Employees

A game can be used to engage employees. For example, the Google Local Guides service uses gamification in its service. This app, a product of Silicon Valley company, encourages users to post photos and reviews of local businesses. These reviews can be sent to the business’s owners via email. This can lead to a more profitable outcome. In addition, it can also increase employee engagement. If implemented correctly, gamification in the workplace can boost morale and reduce turnover.

Increase Customer Retention

A gamified business can also use gamification in the workplace. For example, an interactive movie can make an audience the protagonist and race them against time. The viewer can complete missions and find items necessary to save the world. These games can improve customer satisfaction and employee training outcomes. They can also be used to make shopping more fun. A game can be used to make the user more engaged with an app. The gamified version of an application can increase customer retention.

Gamification can be applied in the workplace and in everyday life. For example, Foursquare encourages users to check in to locations, including everyday locations. The system offers badges for checking in and can even turn a child into a mayor. Other examples include GetGlue, which rewards people for watching TV. Once a user registers, he or she can redeem virtual stickers for real ones. In addition, it can encourage people to share their activities on social media.


There are many benefits to using gamification in the workplace. It can increase employee engagement and reduce turnover, improve productivity and encourage positive behavior in the workplace. It can also be used to improve the performance of employees. The benefits are huge. It can also increase the chances of a person achieving goals. It is possible to apply gamification in various industries, such as education. Once it is applied, it can be used in many ways.


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