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Finding the best hair removal technique

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Some people ascribe to embracing body hair, and good for them. An overwhelming majority, however, likes to get rid of body hair.

There are many hair removal techniques available to cater to people. Realizing which to choose is the real conundrum. It all depends on your budget, time available, what the expectations are from the technique, your skin type, etc.

To help you make a decision regarding your hair removal needs, we have dissected all the popular methods with their pros and cons.

While most you can do yourself, some like laser require help from a cosmetologist or a

Skin Specialist in Islamabad.


Shaving is using a sharp razor to cut at the hair. The foremost benefit of shaving is that it is very convenient to do; it merely takes a few minutes. Moreover, razors and shaving cream are not expensive, so the technique is budget-friendly.

There is no length constraint; you can shave the hair of any length. Moreover, shaving is not painful, unless of course you get nicked.

There are many cons to shaving as it. Firstly, there are razor burns to contend with. Razors also lead to ingrowth, alongside inflammation of the hair follicles. Shaving also needs to be done very frequently; since the hair is not plucked from the base, therefore after a day or two, hair starts to make an appearance.

Laser hair removal

This technique uses laser technology to destroy the hair at the very follicle. Light is emitted at different wavelengths and energy to get rid of the hair. The salient feature of laser hair removal is that it helps in getting rid of the hair for a longer period, and overall reduces the amount of hair as well.

This technique works best for people who have lighter skin and dark hair. However, the laser is more expensive and requires a repeated session with a cosmetologist. Moreover, the laser is also not permanent hair removal; after few months of years, the hair will start to make an appearance.


Threading allows for the plucking of hair using a thread. Due to precision of the method, it allows to pluck out the precise hair that you need to remove. You can also do threading by yourself.

There are many cons to threading as well. this cannot be used to remove larger amounts of hair. It is tedious process. It also is hard to do; so, if you are doing your own threading, your fingers will surely cry with pain after a while.


Plucking utilizes a tweezer to pluck out individual hair. It is often use  to remove finer hair. Other pros and cons are similar to that of threading.


Wax is a painful yet effective way to get rid of body hair. Essentially, it requires application of hot – or cold even –wax, to which the hair sticks. A strip is then use to remove the wax. The benefit of wax includes removing a greater amount of hair at once. It also helps in making the skin smoother after hair removal.

Waxing also helps with exfoliation, as removing the hair also removes some of the dead skin cells. Since the hair is pluck from the roots, the results of hair removal last for a while at least.

However, waxing also comes with its cons. It requires hair to be at least a quarter or half an inch, which may mean that you have to take the hairy body till the hair are sufficiently long. Moreover, waxing may also require a visit to the salon, as not everyone is able to wax themselves.

Wax is also very painful. It may also lead to ingrowth. Redness and skin irritation are also some of the common side-effects of waxing. Moreover, it can also cause burning, which may then require the help of the Best Dermatologist in Lahore for treatment.


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