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Top 10 Excellent Classic Necklaces To Express Yourself

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When we consciously choose what we wear, we also decide how we present ourselves. What we wear can even give us characteristics associated with these items.

These also go well with the jewelry you choose, which you can choose to help you feel powerful, beautiful, and unique.

A necklace with a pendant can be special, whether you buy it for yourself or receive it. Pendant necklaces were first worn in the early Stone Age as amulets. Today, the tradition continues as we often choose jewelry that represents aspects of our identity.

At Silver Star Jewels, we are passionate about providing women’s jewelry to adorn themselves. We have a list for you if you look for jewelry with unique and meaningful pendant necklaces.

Here are the 10 best pendant necklace styles to help express who you are and how you feel:

1. Locket Pendent

Locket pendants are as striking and beautiful. Whether you choose to put something memorable in your locket or not, it can be a great way to express yourself.

2. Rose Gold Necklace

Nothing is more luxurious than the unique shimmering color of rose gold jewelry. Rose gold jewelry often causes a stir, especially when paired with certain colors like dark blue or white to help it stand out.

3. Gemstone Necklace

A pendant is pretty enough, but it never hurts to have a gem on your necklace to add beauty, especially when adding the right color, sparkle, or texture to an outfit.

4. Golden Necklace

Yellow is always a nice color choice, especially during the summer months. Gold tends to stand out most on tanned skin, cool white blouses, and when worn on the beach. However, gold also works well during the colder months to add extra warmth to your cool-weather outfit.

5. Eco-friendly Necklace

We always prioritize eco-friendly items for fashion because we believe that looking beautiful appearance will minimize harm to our beautiful planet. Silver Star Jewels aim to design jewelry focusing on being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible to help our lovely customers make good choices.

6. Perl with Pendent

The pendant can be made even more striking when hung over a pearl necklace.

7. Origin Necklace

Sometimes a pendant is so special that it is beautiful on its own — no pearls or bright colors needed.

With necklaces like the Guiding Star and White Sapphire, it is. This necklace features a striking star pendant adorned with a sparkling white sapphire in the center set against a solid gold background.

The stars represent advice and are believed to bring luck. This guiding star is enough to be elegant but eye-catching and sparkly enough to make a statement. This is the perfect accessory for any outfit, and you can dress it up by pairing it with matching earrings.

8. Cluster Necklace

Our unique beam necklace comes in many smaller pieces instead of a standalone pendant. Cluster pendants are suitable for adding sparkle and movement to casual attire but can also be worn for more special occasions.

9. Floral Pendant

A flower is beautiful, but a whole bouquet is special. So you’ll never regret buying floral jewelry, regardless of the year or the latest trends.

10. Fairy Range

You can never go sideways with fine jewelry.

Our unique Lily of the Valley necklace has some very nice little pendants. Each pendant features a sparkling pearl encased in the soft Lily of the valley flower in sparkling silver.

Pieces like these are great to wear over a standard button-down shirt or a flattering v-neck top. This chain necklace will also go well with a small black dress or a long piece of clothing. For a more elegant look, wear this necklace with matching dangling earrings.


We hope you’ve been inspired by some of the most beautiful pendant necklace styles you can use to express yourself better. Adding pendant necklaces to your jewelry collection is a great way to take your accessory style to the next level.

Treat yourself to a new sparkling necklace today. Shop wholesale sterling silver gemstone pendants at Silver Star Jewels to find your next favorite accessory.


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