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Everything You Need To Know About The Kongmoni Publicity Room

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The Kongmoni Publicity Room is an offshoot of the well-known tourism company, Top Tourism Company. This company’s main office is located in Nairobi, Kenya, with branch offices in several cities throughout East Africa, including Kenya and Uganda. It was founded by Hananoma Mwai, who had previously worked as a tour guide and translator for a leading tour agency. She also owned a small advertising company.

She decided to use the name Kongmoni 꽁머니 because the area where she was born was known as Kongmoni, or “Goddess name.” This name stuck, and the Kongmoni Publicity Room was established in 2021. Mwai then brought in various companies, all with different names for their marketing efforts, so that every visitor to the Kongmoni area would be greeted with the name of the company and the Kongmoni logo. The area became known as the place to be to go on an African safari.


One of the first things that visitors to the Kongmoni website are required to do is to register with their email addresses. This is to make sure that all visitors to the site are genuine and not bots sent from some remote location. This also allows the company to personalize the site to suit the interests of each individual customer. Visitors are also required to select their level of participation in the website.

There are two sections of the Kongmoni Publicity Room website. The first is the Welcome Area, which features helpful information for tourists to encourage them to select the appropriate products for their trips to the area. Visitors can look at the products, read reviews, see photos of the products, etc. This section is called the Shopping Area. The second section is the Gift Area, which contains a wide selection of gift items.

Toto site

There are also a few sections on the toto site that allow for creativity on the part of the customer. For example, one section allows the viewer to create their own name boards. This is done by adding a photo of yourself, writing your message and pasting it on a blank piece of paper. This message can then be used on the toto site.

The Gift Area is also filled with useful items for those who like to write things down. Visitors have the option of picking a random item from the Gift Area and then writing their name on it. This will be available to everyone on the toto site. Visitors can also choose to make a wish list of items that they would like to receive as a present.

Manage Section

Those who find themselves busy or unorganized can check out the Manage Section. Here they can add names to their name boards. Visitors may also find it useful to write their telephone number or email address here. This will be available to all visitors.

The Kongmoni Publicity Room is very fun to visit. Visitors will certainly find this place interesting as it offers many options for creative expression. It is also a great place to get creative with name boards, gift lists and wishing lists.

Entertaining shows

The music and dance performances at the Kongmoni Publicity Room is amazing. The organizers tend to put on entertaining shows each night. The shows are usually colourful and energetic. Most visitors have a great time dancing and enjoying the music. In addition, the organizers often hold guest DJ sessions in the evenings. These are great fun for all age groups.

The Tea Lounge is also a great place to hang out. Here, visitors can sip some delicious tea while watching the big screen TV. Many of the shows are shown on the big screen. Movies are also available for rent here.

The Market is an open air store that sells a wide variety of products. There are also many local fresh food products. Chinese food is available here. Some of the local delicacies are also sold here. The Market has a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor. Here, visitors can have a taste of the exotic food. The restaurant is open to all. This is also a great place to purchase souvenirs for friends and family back home. The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday.


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