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Dad and Buried|The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

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Dad and Buried|The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog In the vast landscape of parenting blogs that offer tips, advice, and heartwarming stories, there exists a unique corner that stands out from the rest – Dad and Buried. Touted as the “anti-parent parenting blog,” Dad and Buried challenges conventional parenting norms with a humorous and candid approach that resonates with parents around the world. In this article, we’ll delve into what sets Dad and Buried apart, explore the blog’s origins, and unravel the reasons behind its growing popularity.

Dad and Buried|The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

The Birth of Dad and Buried:

Dad and Buried was founded by Mike Julianelle, a Brooklyn-based father of two, who found himself navigating the unpredictable journey of parenthood with a healthy dose of humor. Tired of the overly positive and idealized portrayal of parenting in many blogs and social media platforms, Julianelle decided to create a space where he could share the unfiltered and sometimes challenging aspects of being a parent. Thus, Dad and Buried was born, quickly gaining attention for its refreshing honesty and irreverent take on the parenting experience.

Must Read= Dad and Buried|The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

The Anti-Parenting Approach:

What sets Dad and Buried apart is its commitment to being the antithesis of traditional parenting blogs. Instead of showcasing only the heartwarming moments and perfect family photos, the blog embraces the messiness of parenthood. From sleepless nights and temper tantrums to the daily struggles of balancing work and family life, Dad and Buried provides a realistic and relatable portrayal of the challenges parents face.

The Humor Factor:

At the heart of Dad and Buried is its unique sense of humor. Julianelle’s witty and sarcastic writing style injects humor into even the most mundane aspects of parenting. Through hilarious memes, satirical commentary, and candid anecdotes, Dad and Buried has created a community where parents can laugh at the absurdity of parenthood and find solace in the shared experience of raising children.

Dad and Buried|The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

Navigating Controversy:

While Dad and Buried’s irreverent approach resonates with many parents, it has not been without its fair share of controversy. Some critics argue that the blog’s humor can be perceived as insensitive or dismissive of the genuine challenges parents face. In response, Julianelle has defended his approach, emphasizing the importance of finding humor in difficult situations as a coping mechanism. The blog encourages a lighthearted perspective while acknowledging the seriousness of parenting challenges.

Growing Popularity:

Despite the occasional controversy, Dad and Buried has experienced significant growth in popularity. The blog’s social media presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, has garnered a dedicated following. Parents from various walks of life appreciate the honesty and humor that Dad and Buried brings to the often-idealized world of parenting.


  1. Is Dad and Buried only for fathers? *No, while the blog is written by a father, its content is relatable to parents of all genders. The humor and insights are universal, appealing to anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of parenting.
  2. How does Dad and Buried handle serious parenting topics? *Dad and Buried does not shy away from addressing serious issues such as mental health, work-life balance, and societal expectations. While the approach may be humorous, the blog acknowledges the gravity of these topics and encourages open discussions.
  3. What is the blog’s stance on parenting advice? *Dad and Buried takes a light-hearted approach to parenting advice, recognizing that every family is unique. The blog encourages readers to find humor in the imperfections of parenthood rather than striving for an unattainable ideal.
Dad and Buried|The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog


In a world saturated with picture-perfect parenting blogs, Dad and Buried stands out as a beacon of authenticity and humor. By embracing the messy, challenging, and sometimes chaotic aspects of parenthood, the blog has created a community where parents can find solace, share a laugh, and feel a sense of camaraderie in the unpredictable journey of raising children. While the “anti-parent parenting blog” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, its growing popularity is a testament to the universal need for a good laugh and a reminder that imperfection is an integral part of the parenting experience.


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