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Excessive Usage of Foundation What Side Effects Does It Have On Your Skin

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Foundation boxes are popular due to their wide use in the cosmetic industry. This packaging mostly has a matching color scheme as the shade of base. It is possible by the use of modern printing technologies available these days. Their colors and artworks are customizable as per the requirements of the brand.

Businesses can also personalize and print images on these boxes. Cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft stocks are available for manufacturing them. You can also choose impressive laminations and finishing options for improving their visual appeal. Some of these packages are available with a die-cut window in different shapes.

Generally, the foundation can do wonders for individuals due to its benefits. Shocked with these facts? However, its excessive use can be for people in many cases, if you buy custom foundation boxes to use the product every day, it can be dangerous for your skin. It can lead to cancer sometimes as well. Here are the common side effects of using it frequently that show why you must avoid frequent use.

Quick Aging Process:

Chemicals in the products packaged inside custom foundation boxes can harm your skin when you use them excessively. These chemicals are only good when you use them limitedly. Right from the first frequent use, they can speed up the aging process of your skin. Most people complain about this thing.

The most common sign of quick aging is getting wrinkles. Some people complain about patchiness on the body as well. All these results are proved by different studies published in reputable journals.

It becomes a bit difficult to restore the original look after developing these symptoms due to the use of chemicals. If a person uses these items for a long time, irreversible effects are more likely to affect the body.


Allergies from frequent use of base are common. Many people can get different allergies due to specific ingredients in these products. These ingredients may vary from brand to brand. Paraben and SLES in some of these products can cause mild to severe allergies.

It is always a great idea to read ingredients before you start to use a product. First of all, you should be aware of specific allergies you can develop due to different chemicals. It will certainly save you from damaging your body.

Dry Skin:

Dry skin is a side effect that is pretty common when you use this product frequently. If you already have this problem, it will make it worsen. The same is the case when you have oily skin. Everyday use of these items will increase the chances of having an increased effect on your body.

It is different for various people that depend upon different factors. It mostly happens when people use the wrong product or unbranded item. Don’t take a risk with your body as its appearance matters a lot.

Change in Color:

Individuals that buy foundation boxes online for everyday use can be affected by this side effect. Generally, people use the same colors of these products for their faces. Two reasons can change the color of the face. Retail packaging, one of them is chemicals in the cosmetic item.

These chemicals can damage cells and make them darker due to frequent use. Another major cause behind this is the coloring effect of a specific base color. When an individual uses the same color for a long time, the chances are high that its color will remain on the face.


You must be wondering how a foundation can cause headaches. Well, this product mostly contains different chemicals that can cause this thing. Our skin absorbs chemicals directly. They are mixed in our blood directly from the skin.

If a base contains a harmful chemical, it can lead to a headache. Diazolidinyl urea and DMDM Hydantoin are the chemicals mostly found in these products. These chemicals can cause headaches when mixed with blood through the skin.

Infection in Eyes:

Eye infection is pretty common when people use base frequently. It is a serious thing that companies buying foundation boxes wholesale must consider for their products. It is also linked with the absorption of chemicals in our blood.

Eyes are delicate that can catch allergies when the foundation is applied every day around them. This thing is vital for everyone to understand about these products. Wrinkles around the eyes are common due to this item as well.

Cancer Is A Possibility:

Most companies don’t do proper research on the long-term effects of a cosmetic product. They only focus on avoiding short-term effects. Different chemicals can cause skin cells to grow abnormally. Phenacetin, chromium, arsenic, formaldehyde, and many more can cause this thing. You can search for a list of cancer-causing chemicals and try to avoid them when purchasing a product.

Hormonal Imbalance Is Common:

It is a pretty common side effect of products that come in cheap foundation boxes online. Focus on this eye-opening fact that shows what prolonged use of these cosmetic products can do to your body. The impact of chemicals in the foundation can affect the endocrine system and thyroid gland. Elitesmindset uses specific chemicals for making their products more impressive. The impact of these items on thyroid glands can cause abnormal hormone release.

Foundations have become an item of regular use for many people. These products packaged inside foundation boxes are suitable for short-term use but can be adverse in long-term use. These were some side effects of these products that long-term use of these can bring for individuals.


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