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City vs Suburb living—What’s the difference?

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According to research, around 31% of the U.S population lives in cities, while 25% of the population lives in the suburbs. You can decide to live in either of these two places. However, when choosing where to live, you need to consider where you work. For instance, you can decide to live in a city if your workplace is in that city. However, you should be aware that the way you will live in the city is different from how people live in the suburbs. Suburb and city living have several differences which can guide you when choosing the best place for you to live.

What Is a City?

A city is simply a large town. It is usually an area that is densely populated and is defined by administrative boundaries. Most people who live in such areas do not depend on agricultural tasks to get money. Rather, they work in the organizations located in these towns. You will often find big financial companies in the cities, and people of different origins work there.

Cities are usually the hub of innovation, markets, banking, and finance. You will easily access first-class hospitals, banks, and shops when living in a city. Also, you will enjoy the convenience of developed infrastructure facilities such as telecommunication facilities, water, and electricity.

What Is a Suburb?

Suburbs are usually outlying districts of cities. They are residential areas that are less populated and quieter than cities. The facilities in these areas are not usually well developed like those in cities. However, they are generally better than the facilities in rural areas.

There are usually fewer markets, restaurants, casinos, and vehicles in the suburbs than in cities. That is why the older generation prefers living in such areas since they are quite peaceful. Most of them claim that when living in the suburbs, they enjoy a serene environment and can still access the facilities located in cities.

The Difference Between City and Suburb Living

When living in a city, you can access all the facilities you need. For instance, you will easily access restaurants, casinos, and bars. As a result, you will not spend so much money on transport expenses. That will not be the case when living in a suburb since there are fewer facilities in these areas.

The availability of many facilities in cities has contributed to an increase in the cost of living in cities. City houses are usually more costly than apartments located in the suburbs. Other notable differences between city and suburb living include:

Suburb Homes Have Extra Space While Urban Homes Lack Extra Space

Most of the homes located in suburban areas have extra spaces. For instance, most of these homes have some yard spaces where you can relax. Children and pets can also play in these spaces. Lawrence Student Apartments are an example of suburb apartments with extra space where you, your children, and pets can play.

Urban homes, on the other hand, lack this extra space. Therefore, they are not suitable for families with pets and children. If you live in such houses and have pets and children, you will need to walk them to public parks where they can play.

The Rate of Pollution Varies

If you live in a city, you definitely have to worry about the pollution. For instance, you will have to worry about the harmful gases released by different industries. These gases can increase your risk of suffering from respiratory diseases. Also, viruses and diseases spread faster in cities since they are usually densely populated. When living in a suburb, you will not have to worry about all this since no industries release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Also, the population there is not high. Hence, viruses and diseases will not spread fast.

Cities are usually large towns. Suburbs, on the other hand, are areas surrounding large cities. You can decide to live in either of these two spaces depending on your preferences. Living in the suburbs is the best option if you have children or pets since suburb homes usually have extra spaces. You can also decide to live in such a place if you prefer quiet and peaceful environments.


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