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Choosing A Commercial High Pressure Water Cleaner

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Commercial high pressure water cleaner units are loaded with features, accessories, and high-quality components to make them suitable for practically any application. From concrete cleaning to mechanical garages, removing mold and mildew to washing fencing and retaining walls- the list of benefits goes on!–

What Makes High Pressure Water Cleaner Different From Domestic Pressure Washers?

If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer that is quick and effective, check out a pro pressure washer. A powerful pressure washer can wash down equipment on a farm or in a factory and cut down the time it takes to get it clean so you can move onto the next job.

Commercial: Quality commercial grade pressure washers from brands such as Gerni, Crommelins, Subaru, AR Blue Clean will use brass pump heads and ceramic pistons to avoid corrosion. These replaceable parts increase the lifetime of the power washer and are typically more expensive.

Domestic: When choosing a home use pressure washer, it’s best to go with a brand that is known for durability- brands like Karcher and Sun Joe. A quality brand will use non-corrosive metals, so they’ll last longer. Cheap brands are often prone to corrosion, so they won’t last very long.

Electric, Petrol, or Diesel Commercial Pressure Washer?

Deciding between an electric, petrol and diesel powered commercial pressure washer is the first decision you need to make.

Commercial grade washing machines are stronger and more powerful. Than household models, so they can tackle broader areas and work for longer. They’re also quieter than gas-powered machines and can be used in certain places (like indoors, or near food) where gas-powered machines can’t. The cost of maintenance will also be lower with servicing, fresh oil, and fuel.

Diesel Commercial Pressure Washer?

Besides the power, petrol and diesel powered pressure washers are typically used for commercial requirements. The power output and longevity differ between these two types of fuels. Petrol and diesel powered pressure washers are most commonly used for commercial requirements such as; painting, car wash, cleaning construction sites, washing down dusty machines, fleets, agricultural and rental.

What Size Do I Need?

One of the most important things to consider. When purchasing a pressure washer for sale is how much time you want to spend. Different tasks will require different sized pressure washers. A small, entry-level 1500PSI domestic pressure washer will take a really long time to clean something large like a semi-trailer truck! Generally, the larger the task, the bigger the pressure washer. A good thing to consider is the PSI and the Flow rate – combining these two specifications tells you how powerful your machine will be. This table should help give you an idea of what size pressure washer to buy for your commercial cleaning tasks:

  1. Thermal Relief Valve/Thermal Dump: You want a unit that has Thermal Cutout in the electric models – this feature stops the motor from running when it starts to overheat and potentially damage your unit. Some companies also offer a warranty for repairs, so check for one before purchasing.
  2. Robust build:I’ve always wanted to learn more about petrol and diesel models. If you’re looking for one to use in tough conditions like construction or mines. You should look first for features like a rugged steel roll over frame. Anti-vibration mounts and pneumatic wheels. Other features that come with petrol and diesel models are fire extinguishers, safety stops, and the ability to build to mine-spec standards.
  3. Compatible Accessories:There are many types of additional compatible nozzles, guns, extension lances/hoses, surface cleaners that you can look for. Two of the most popular ones are:

Turbo heads / turbohammer nozzles / powerspeed nozzles – This nozzle is great for removing substances like moss and mold from concrete or paving. You can cut your cleaning time with a turbo nozzle significantly. You can find them online or at your local home improvement store.

Commercial Surface Cleaner – Great for fast cleaning of driveways, warehouses, floors, and large paved surfaces. It’s easy to use with minimal splash (great around buildings, shops, paths), and it’s ergonomical in design. Like a turbo nozzle, but with less splash.

  1. Quality Brand:When you’re buying a pressure washer, I advise you to find one with a quality brand and a solid warranty. If a company doesn’t stand behind their product, it won’t work very well in the long run. Not only will a quality brand have better performance in areas like design, usability. And reliability, but your washer will last longer than one from a no-name company.

Commercial Pressure Cleaners From Jetwave Group

Introducing the Jetwave Group – a company specializing in high quality pressure cleaners. Our commercial pressure cleaners are designed to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs, and they come with a variety of features to make your life easier. From adjustable pressure settings to built-in detergent tanks, we have a pressure cleaner that will suit your needs.


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