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Buy‌ ‌Latest‌ ‌Samsung‌ ‌Refrigerator‌ ‌Double‌ ‌Door‌ ‌Online‌ ‌at‌ ‌Best‌ ‌Price‌ ‌in‌ ‌This‌ ‌ Diwali‌ ‌2021‌

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A widely used gadget in every household, a refrigerator, or more simply, a fridge, has vital responsibilities to fulfill. These mainly include storing food items or drinks and keeping them cold. 

Naturally, every customer is willing to purchase the best model when it comes to refrigerators. And when buying one is concerned, what can be a better time than Diwali that comes with lots of offers, discounts, affordable prices and what not! So, here presenting to you the latest models of Samsung refrigerators with double door facilities available online at the best prices to lighten up your Diwali:

  1. Samsung RT28A3453S8: If you search for a Samsung refrigerator double door, this model must be a highly preferable option. With its defrosting technology, it helps the accumulated ice to melt, which not only ensures the freshness of foods for a long time but also aids in saving power without the involvement of any manual defrosting. Available at a comparatively affordable rate of around INR 23k, the model possesses a 3-star energy rating, a capacity of 253 liters, digital inverter technology and a fresh room. The buyer will also be benefitted from its one-year warranty period.
  2. Samsung RT28T3523S8: This model of around INR 26k owns almost similar features as the previous one. It also has a 3-star energy rating, an efficient digital inverter, a warranty of one year and is frost-free. So, what makes this 244 litres model unique is that it’s equipped with the recently launched technology called Curd Maestro, the main purpose of preserving your precious time. It makes curd! (Yeah, you read it right). All you need to do is boil and cool the milk, and the rest of the functions, including fermentation and cooling, will be performed by the fridge itself.
  3. Samsung RT28T3483S8: This double-door fridge is also a very good alternative to the models mentioned above. Just a matter of a little more or less than INR 23k, and it can be yours. From its frost-free technology to a 253 litres capacity, every other feature is advantageous for the user. Sliding drawers, trays with hard, unbreakable glass, portable ice maker – it has it all. A warranty of one year and a 3-star rating will also be enjoyed with the purchase of this model.
  4. Samsung RT30K3723S8: This model is approximately INR 30k, but this slight increase in the price is worth it as it possesses a higher capacity (around 275 liters). The other characteristics mostly match with the previous models as mentioned. Its defrosting technology and a 3-star energy rating are the key specifications. Available in grey and silver colors, it also has a warranty period of one year. The lavish exterior and an interior well equipped with basic facilities such as an interior lamp, tempered glass, egg tray, ice tray, door shelf, chiller, etc., make this model a good option in the festive season of Diwali.
  5. Samsung RT34T4513S8 324: This model of Samsung will always be at the service of its user with its total capacity of 324 liters. Like most of the other models of this brand, it can be frost-free and has a rating of 3. Next, as far as its warranty is concerned, it extends for one year. This elegant inox-colored model also enjoys extra features like a movable ice maker, a convertible refrigerator, and stabilizer-free operation.
  6. Samsung RT42M553ES8: Its price is somewhere between INR 42k and 45k per website, including Amazon, Flipkart, etc. A higher price indicates extra advantages. These are a much higher capacity of nearly 415 liters, a 4-star rating, a moist balance crisper, temperature control, stabilizer Free Operation, deodorizer, etc. Apart from that, this model also provides the facilities of frost-free technology and has a warranty of a year. Last but not the least, the power supply of this inox-colored model efficiently ranges between 100-300V. 

So, before you decide any fridge to buy which can be a double door fridge from Samsung, firstly settle your budget. Purchasing online from well-trusted platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq is highly beneficial as there are advantages of EMI, in fact, ‘No cost EMI’, which means you will have additional buyers savings. Still, waiting? Go, grab the top best model today and make this Diwali more sparkling of your family! Also, you can prefer commercial undercounter fridges that make your kitchen high-tech. 


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