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Are you Using the Right Fitness Management Software? If not, try this

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Over the last few years, and more particularly ever since the pandemic the fitness industry has seen a sea of change. While it is true that change is constant and businesses must constantly endeavour to be future ready, it is equally important for businesses to periodically engage in reviewing both processes and the tools such as the fitness management software, to ascertain areas of improvement. Granted that evaluating your existing fitness management software isn’t the first thing which will come into the mind, however, considering the benefits of a fitness management software and how central it is for your business processes, it is important to undertake periodic evaluation of the software to ensure that it is aligned to meet your business and your clients expectations. In other words, it should be fully equipped to meet your needs as the business owner, the needs of your employees, and the needs of your clients. Read along to know if your software is future ready?


Perhaps the biggest transformation to happen ever since the pandemic is that increasing number of fitness studios have realized that if the client can’t physically show up to the store, then the store needs to reach to the client. Many fitness studios have found success in offering online virtual classes, to make their gyms accessible to the clients. However, in order to be able to offer virtual sessions and accept bookings for it, your fitness studio management software should be able to securely stream and save videos. Further, based on the client attendance, it should be able to accept payments via credit cards or various other payment methods. 


We all work hard to make our business grow, and therefore it is imperative that we have our systems in place to assist the growth.  Thus, it is important to understand whether the existing software is able to support the growth of your business. .The last thing you wish to have is a software, which cannot be scaled to meet the growing needs of your business.  The salon POS system that you select must be capable of supporting your vision of your businesses. In other words, the salon POS system features should be such that the work flows do not need frequent changes and does things without a fuss, irrespective of the fact that whether you run a single store or multiple stores. 

Third Party Integrations

In today’s world, where things are interconnected more than ever, and clients demanding flexibility in almost every process, you need to have a software that easily integrates with other software and works in complete synchronization. For instance, the fitness studio software should easily integrate with multiple payment gateways such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay to democratize payment methods to meet the client’s preferred payment method. Further, integration with apps such as Tally, Quickbooks allow businesses to have their books of accounts prepared easily. Some fitness studio software such as the one from Zenoti have extended third party integrations to help fitness studios sell gift vouchers, and coupons on various shopping portals such as Shopify and Amazon.

Automated Communications 

The service industry operates on the basis of relationships, and relationships are made through communication. Thus, it is important that your business and you are in constant communication with your clients. From responding to basic queries of potential new leads to sending newsletters and targeted promotional marketing messages the software should be able to do it all. Quite a few fitness studio management software have now incorporated ChatBots, which instantly respond to the basic queries of the potential leads and save your precious time. Further, with pre-set email templates all you need to do is write the content and the software does the remaining work such as sending off the email to all potential clients.  

Reporting & Analytics 

This one in particular is for business owners. Your fitness studio software must have a single dashboard to help you understand how your business is faring. It should be able to provide you with the snap shot of daily sales, cash flow, store wise revenue, employee wise sales and revenue etc in a format that is easy to comprehend. In this space, we particularly love the reporting module of Zenotifitnessssoftware. With over 100 plus existing reporting templates, and the option to customize reports based on user roles and requirements, the reporting and analytics module is a state of art product. Additionally, with deep data analytics that helps you in understanding individual client profile and their choices, Zenoti Analytics helps improve your sales in multiple ways by assisting your team to upsell products and services that are likely to have higher acceptability with the clients and also run a loyalty rewards program. 

Customer Support 

Last but not the least, a fitness studio software is only as good as its tech support. You may pick a high sophisticated system but if the support system is improper you are likely to be stuck with a solution, which will be more of a headache and less of a solution. 

So, if your software is not doing all or any of the above, perhaps it is time to let it retire and bid adieu. Look for fitness studio software that is future ready and helps you stay in touch with your clients, improve your sales, track attendance and achieve your revenue goals. One such all –in –one product is Zenoti Fitness Studio Management software.


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