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All you need to know about Joseph Ross

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The covid-19 pandemic brings to mind lockdowns, notifications to avoid public gatherings to ensure healthcare integrity. But there were some frontline heroes out there fighting the virus. Joseph Ross was one of them.

Joseph Ross, PMP, started his career as a warehouse worker. His dedication and consistency towards achieving something made his way to the medical device field, where he successfully led a team that made the world’s first rapid test for covid-19. Born in Massachusetts, USA, Joseph experienced an eventful early life. Having been paralyzed at a very young age, he grappled with whether he would be able to walk again, but God did it for him. Later he started working in a warehouse for a meager salary.

Decided to pursue higher education

Joseph was a goal-getter. To achieve something in life, he realized that his job wasn’t enough for him, so he continued to study, burning the candle at both ends not to miss any chances to learn and grow in his professional career. He started attending convocations and conferences and spent sleepless nights taking classes with no days off.

As he began each job, Joseph was determined to learn everything he could because of his passion for learning. Before joining Moderna, Mr. Ross worked in residential construction, natural gas and energy, and medical devices. While working in these industries, he gained experience in protocols, operation management, quality assurance, and logistics. In addition to this, he has successfully led cross-cultural teams and divisions.

Leader of operator qualification (OQ), equipped to handle gas explosions and helping victims, to becoming the true heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic.

An unfortunate gas explosion occurred in Massachusetts in 2018. In the natural gas industry due to overpressurization of the natural gas distribution system. Thousands of families were affected, and hundreds remained homeless. Joseph was the Operator Qualification (OQ) leader of the emergency response and reconstruction team, which helped victims and rebuilt the cities affected by the immense tragedy.

Once the situation was managed, authorities recognized Joseph’s efforts and invited him to address several statehouses about what had happened. The work helped pave the way for his success.

During the Covid pandemic, when everyone stayed at home as a precaution, Joseph went to

work in the medical device field. It was unforeseeable for everyone, but when war is literally at your doorstep, you must decide between your survival and what is best for humanity. Mr. Joseph continued his work and was a leading team member that made the world’s first rapid test on earth for the famous COVID-19. It was a very effective tool to detect virus

Even after facing many obstacles with quality testing, manufacturing issues, and working 24 hours, the team achieved the expected results. During tests production, teams worked 12 hours a day in two shifts. As a promoted member of the senior management team, Joseph was assigned to oversee manufacturing, quality control testing, and batch record reviews for the millions of tests manufactured and shipped every week.

The effort finally paid off, resulting in great success. Joseph was able to make his way to work at Moderna, an information medicine company that provides vaccines for Covid-19, thanks to his hard work, leadership, and commitment to work, especially during the manufacturing of rapid tests for covid-19.


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