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All About The Bombay Cat And Its Maintenance

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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A breeding sable Burmese cat and a black American Shorthair cat produce the Bombay cat (read more). Such breedings has been successful since 1965. The International Cat Association itself has recognized the Bombay cat as an official breed since 1979.

Many people refer to this breed as the black cat. These medium-built and muscular felines have proportional percentages for the male and female species. We will delve further into their physical characteristics in the next section.

Its Physical Attributes

The black cats as the alternative names for Bombay cats exist for a reason. The all-black furs are the most evident factors. Their soles, noses, and mouth are always in black colors, too.

These Nikki Horner-bred cats often have vivid eye colors. Typically, it has a pair of sharp and shiny blue, yellow, or copper-colored eyes.

Sometimes, their eyes can have a blue color on one side and yellow on another side. In more scarce cases, they can have a pair of red eyes. Such eye colors are not red colors from sick eyes.

The vivid eye colors become the contributing factors to why some people think this breed has the sights that pierce into the night. Some robust correlations to the symbols they bear connect to this fantastic sighting ability.

The Symbols For A Black Cat

In many society cultures, black felines and spirituality are the two most related themes. In other words, they symbolize a deep spiritual level. Perhaps, the ways these cats stare at people and things in the night contribute to such symbolizations.

The Western societies in the past centuries associated black cats with evil powers and bad omens. It was not even rare that people living in Western cultures correlate them with spellcasters or the reincarnated spirits of the devil.

However, people these days seem to begin to see Bombay cats in a much more positive light. Some people thought owning one of them helped repel the vampire energies around them. These cats also have more active and fluid movements than other breeds that some people thought were proficient in fighting haunted spirits.

They have also become frequent luck symbols. Luck from them is different from the Japanese fortune in ways that do not necessarily involve monetary luck. Instead, many people believe these cats can turn unfavorable circumstances into situations that put us into advantages.

Health Profiles (And The Possible Diseases)

Generally, Bombay’s can have 12-20 years of lifespan regardless of their gender (link:

On the other side, their average weight ranges are between 8-15 pounds. The kittens weigh around 5-12 pounds. Their body lengths tend to be approximately 13-20 inches.

Like any other animal species, the males weigh more than their female counterparts. In some cases, the two-year-old female adult can even weigh the same as the one-year-old black kittens.

Bombay cats have slower development processes compared to other breeds. However, they have active energy profiles regardless of where in the growth progresses they currently are.

We can witness their activities through their levels of friendliness, playfulness, and exercise needs.

Nonetheless, it does not mean they are not subject to several diseases. Some of the possible illnesses include panleukopenia, calicivirus, and rabies. Sinus-related issues and gingivitis are some other common diseases in Bombay cats of all ages.


As with humans, felines also need extra care from time to time. Pet health companies like holistapet recommend vitamins and treats that support your cat’s distinguishable traits, characteristics, and maturity processes. Consulting your vet on what’s best will also help you identify which areas your pet needs support.

For instance, the Cannabidiol (CBD) substance is beneficial for nourishing their growth by stimulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their internal body structures. Other examples include the chewing vitamins they should eat after their meals.

A respiratory aid becomes a tool you should consider in treating sinuses. Such aiding tools also promote healthier and more robust immune systems for your feline.

Ensure you read through the doses thoroughly whenever you give the vitamins or the medicines for your cats. Another crucial thing to look for is the certification of safety. Even though a vitamin or medicine product has certificates from vets, knowing which vets or the certifying bodies helps ensure the product quality.

Each cat breeds have different health profiles. Even the same Bombay cats have different medical histories. So, you can consult the vets whenever you have doubts.

Getting pet insurance is also recommended no matter what pet you have.

Things You Can Do To Support Your Bombay Cat’s Lives

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that Bombay cats are well-known for their high energy and playfulness. So, providing entertaining toys and living arrangements for them also plays a crucial role in stimulating their positive energy levels.

Mice toys are the favorite toys for all felines. These toys stimulate their abilities to hunt for ghosts—er, mice—while keeping them energized. Scratchy cardboard boxes and several interactive dangling toys can be the alternatives if mice toys are too expensive.

No matter what, entertaining your Bombay cats with lots of toys should be on your to-do list every day. Leaving these black-colored cats for so long can cause them to feel depressed or act aggressively.

Warm and lively house settings are the most suitable living arrangements for Bombay cats. These cat breeds are friendly with children. At some points, they may even get along well with other pets.


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