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Alex Cooper Boyfriend, Richest Female Podcaster Dating Hollywood Producer Matt Kaplan?

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Alex Cooper’s boyfriend is Matt Kaplan who is a young adult film producer – the couple has still not admitted their relationship but the obvious can’t be ignored.

Alex Cooper is a social media influencer and a well-known host of the Call Her Daddy podcast. Her podcast is mostly about advice and comedy where she invites intellectuals and A-class celebrities to talk about their personal lives. 

Such a girl as famous as Alex Cooper makes fans wonder about her dating life. In this article, we will be exploring her dating life and find out who she is dating in 2023.

Who is Alex Cooper?

Alex Cooper was born in Pennsylvania on August 21, 1994. She graduated from Boston University and started working for a YouTube channel called Dirty Water Media. Cooper gained popularity through her work on the channel, which covered local and international news. In 2018, she and Sofia Franklyn started their own podcast called Call Her Daddy.

Who is Alex Cooper?
Image Source: @alexandracooper

The podcast gained popularity for its dating advice and raunchy stories, leading to a deal with Barstool Sports. However, the two had a falling out in 2020 over contract negotiations, leading to the end of their personal and professional relationship.

The reason why her podcast has become so popular is that she covers love, sex, women’s rights, social issues faced by women, and mental health issues. Those who are up to date on the internet know that these issues are extremely hot on the internet nowadays.

When someone talks so much about relationships and rights, one must wonder who they are dating. So,

Who is Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend?

Alex Cooper’s boyfriend is Matthew Kaplan, a 38-year-old film producer from Los Angeles, CA. The questions were raised about Alex Cooper’s boyfriend when she referred to him as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Everyone started wondering who she might be referring to – it is now revealed that the couple has been dating since 2020.

Who is Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend?
Image Source: NewYorkFilmAcademy

Matt Kaplan graduated from Columbia University getting a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. He was also active in sports during college and played as a quarterback for the football team. (the Lions)

NameMatthew Kaplan
Age39 (as of 2023)
Date of BirthApril 14, 1984
Place of BirthLA, CA
Zodiac SignAries
Height5’ 10”
Alex Cooper’s boyfriend is Matthew Kaplan, a 38-year-old film producer from Los Angeles, CA. The questions were raised about Alex Cooper’s boyfriend when she referred to him as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.
Image Source: USMagazine

She did try to hide her relationship status but what could go wrong with a sex-and-relationship podcaster’s personal love life? (pun intended)

Kaplan was in a relationship with Ashley Olsen but no details were revealed by the couple. 

Before Alex, Kaplan was married to Australian actress Claire Holt. 

Before Alex, Kaplan was married to Australian actress Claire Holt.
Image Source: Pinterest

She couple married in 2016, two years after they started dating in 2014. The couple divorced one year after their marriage, in 2017. 

Matt Kaplan – The Film Producer’s Hollywood Ladder

Matt Kaplan is known for his successful young adult film genre – his greatest success is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which was loved by EVERYONE and set a new benchmark for the genre and industry.

His career hasn’t been fancy from the start. At first, he was the president of Awareness Films and then he slowly climbed the Hollywood ladder. What distinguishes him from other producers is that he doesn’t like to cast A-class celebrities in his work. He prefers finding fresh talent and giving them a chance to show what they have.

He started his professional career as an Intern at CBS – he ended up becoming a director of Digital Development at the company.

After leaving CBS, Kaplan joined Lionsgate Films and worked on projects such as They Came Together. He then founded Chapter One Films, which signed a deal with Blumhouse Productions and produced films like The Lazarus Effect and 6 Miranda Drive

Kaplan later moved on to lead Awesomeness‘s film division, where he helped produce young adult films including Before I Fall (starring Zoey Deutch). This role was significant because Awesomeness was new to the film industry.

After two years at Awesomeness, Kaplan left to start his own production company called ACE Entertainment. ACE is now a successful company known for producing films for the young adult demographic, including To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. 

Kaplan has also produced The Perfect Date (2019), Spontaneous (2020), and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. (coming soon on Netflix)

How did Alex Cooper and Her Boyfriend Matt Kaplan Meet?

Before we get into details, we need to address that Alex and Matt have never made it public that they’re dating, but the pictures and details are obvious enough to conclude that they are.

The couple met over an online Zoom meeting to talk about some business. It was in 2020 when Covid was at its peak. After the zoom meeting, Cooper couldn’t stop thinking about this sexy film producer, so they decided to meet for a “business” dinner.

Alex Cooper had a secret weeklong date with the producer who owned a dog named Henry. She revealed a few details about her boyfriend but kept their relationship secret due to the nature of their careers.

Alex Cooper’s Dating History

Alex Cooper hasn’t only been inviting A-class celebrities to her famous podcast. As a matter of fact, her relationship history shows that she is a high-value woman and dated some big names in Hollywood. Let’s see who they are.

Logan Paul

That’s right – Alex Cooper dated Logan Paul but the intimate relationship didn’t last long because of Logan Paul’s boxing career. Alex shared some details about her relationship with Logan Paul in a podcast but none of that is worthy enough to mention here. 

Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard is another famous celebrity who Alex Cooper dated in the past. Noah is a professional basketball player and started dating Alex in April 2017. Their relationship was public as the couple made some public appearances as well.

Alex was last seen with Noah in December 2020, at a New York Knicks basketball game. After that, Noah confirmed that she had split up and now he was dating his career.

Ryan Eggold

It wasn’t a relationship-relationship as the couple met on only five dates to be exact. Ruan Eggold is known for his work for NBC, 90210, and The Blacklist.

Alex Cooper – A Decorated Podcast with a $60 Million Spotify Deal

Call Her Daddy gained popularity for its dating advice and raunchy stories, leading to a deal with Barstool Sports. Alex Cooper was not willing to continue the podcast without its familiar elements which led to her professional and personal cut-off with Franklyn. 

Alex Cooper left Barstool Sports for a $60 million deal with Spotify, making her the highest-paid female podcaster in history.

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