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Acute Gouty Arthritis: Causes, Complications, and Treatment

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People who suffer from joint tenderness and swelling must consult a rheumatologist in Lahore. The symptoms correlate with acute gouty arthritis. The specialist will help diagnose the disease and provide treatment options that would allow the patient to lead a healthier life.

It is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation in the joints due to excess uric acid in the body. People with a family history are at a higher risk of suffering from the condition. Men above fifty are more prone to getting diagnosed with gout. There is no cure available; however, the treatment options can help manage the symptoms.

Symptoms of Acute Gouty Arthritis

  • People can notice inflammation in the toes of the feet.
  • The person suffers from arthralgia.
  • In severe cases, the person may suffer from joint destruction.
  • The person can notice swelling around the joints
  • The affected part becomes red.
  • Causes of Acute Gouty Arthritis

Known Causes that Correlate with Acute Gouty Arthritis

The causes include:

  • Due to the accumulation of uric acid in the joints, the person suffers from inflammation and tenderness of joints.
  • Excessive intake of meat and seafood can cause an increase in the uric acid levels in the body.
  • The use of certain medications can cause problems with joints.
  • People with close relatives suffering from gout are at a higher risk of developing the condition.
  • Obesity correlates with acute gouty arthritis. People with higher BMI may suffer from gout as a complication.
  • People diagnosed with heart or kidney disease are more likely to develop the condition as a complication.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures that can help in minimizing the chances of developing acute gouty arthritis include:

  • People should maintain healthy body weight by eradicating junk and sweetened drinks from their daily diet.
  • If the person is at a higher risk of developing heart or kidney disease, then they must eliminate drinking and smoking from their lifestyle.
  • Everyone should develop a habit of consuming at least 1.2 liters of water daily despite the weather conditions.
  • Individuals diagnosed with acute gouty arthritis must consume low-fat dairy products to avoid complications.
  • People should only consume meat and seafood as per their daily dietary requirements.

Complications Associated with Acute Gouty Arthritis

The complications are:

  • The swelling may affect bodily movements.
  • The uric acid crystals may deposit under the skin, leading to further complications.
  • It can lead to kidney stones.
  • The person may suffer from gout multiple times a year, which affects the functioning of the joints.

Diagnosis of Acute Gouty Arthritis

Tests to diagnose the person with gout include:

  • Physical Examination and Family History: The specialist requires to know other members suffering from gout, and physical examination allows to check redness, tenderness and swelling around the joints.
  • Blood Testing: The testing allows to check if the uric acid levels are above normal in the body.
  • Imaging Testing: The CT scan and MRI help detect the accumulation of uric acid crystals.
  • ESR: Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is a test that allows detecting infection in the body. The infection may have led to inflammation.
  • Synovial Fluid Examination: The fluid is taken from the joints to detect the presence of uric acid.

Effective Treatment Options

  • The medication has proven beneficial include:
  • The use of NSAIDs helps deal with the swelling and provides instant relief from the pain.
  • The use of Corticosteroids helps provide ease and reduce inflammation.
  • The use of Xanthine Oxidase inhibitors helps lessen the production of uric acid in the body.
  • Anti-gout agents are proven beneficial for the patient as they provide relief from the pain.

A rheumatologist in Karachi can help the patient understand the cause of the condition and treatment options that would allow them to deal with the pain.


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