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A new way towards your facial transformation with a beautiful, new looking nose.

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Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma
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The ‘nose job’ is commonly called, Rhinoplasty Surgery. The nose surgery is a surgical procedure done by professional surgeons. the aim of altering the shape of the nose is done for many reasons. It includes aesthetic reasons or functional reasons .

  • the patient is unable to breathe properly or breathing disorder
  • . It used to modify nose defects. These can be caused by birth . it may also cause in cases of any deformity that has happened in accidents.
  • Sometimes to have a smart look people choose this o
  • It requires a lot of expertise, experience and aesthetic knowledge .The procedure is done in an effective and patient- friendly manner. Rhinoplasty surgery is performed in Ludhiana as well.

Following are the results for Nose job after surgery in ludhiana

A pack is put inside your nose after the surgery. So a painless way a plaster cast is put on outside the nose. Within the first two days The nasal pack is removed .But the external plaster is kept for a fortnight.

Your face will be swollen in the first 24hrs After surgery .it may increase or continue over the next couple of days. You may have a slight headache and sometimes some pain over the nose. It is recommended to take Pain killer medication. The cold fomentation called ice packs help in controlling these symptoms.

During the first few days a little bleeding is common following surgery.  Some nasal blockage and discomfort for several weeks are common symptoms. The stitches will be removed at the end of the first week, If the stitches are on the outside Nose job after surgery in Ludhiana Benefits

  • Deep knowledge of facial aesthetics by professionals
    • Highly experienced nose surgeon and efficient procedure
    • national and international plastic surgery associations have certified
    • Extremely qualified cosmetic surgeons and well qualified .
    • Well experienced in performing high definition nose surgery in Ludhiana
    • Specialties in this domain include reconstruction Rhinoplasty, reduction Rhinoplasty, augmentation Rhinoplasty,etc.
    • The cosmetic surgery treatments, including nose surgery is done in an efficient, friendly and painless way.

Nose job or Rhinoplasty refers to a procedure in which the nose alters its shape . hence with operating it enhances its functionality. The aim for this surgery could be aesthetic or it can be functional too. It is also done to repair the nose damage caused due to a birth defect, a disease, or a previous surgery. It could also be performed in correcting breathing defects of the patients. Hence you can Consult a seasoned nose surgeon in Ludhiana. It can help you serve your purpose with success.

To ensure a painless Rhinoplasty surgery it would be the best choice in Ludhiana. It also helps in faster recovery time. It helps for aesthetic appearance at an affordable cost. It is done through the most experienced surgeons in Ludhiana. The upscale treatment facilities, with hassle free cosmetic surgery waiting for your presence.


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