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A Complete Guide on the Different Types of Mattresses

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Are you planning to buy a Signature mattress? Perhaps your current mattress is old, lumpy, and you can’t enjoy a restful sleep. Or maybe you’re looking for a solution to your lower back pains.

If so, learn about different types of mattresses.

With a comfortable and supportive mattress, you’ll enjoy adequate quality sleep. This promotes your mental and emotional health. Also, it encourages proper posture keeping back and joint aches after sleep at bay.

However, finding a perfect mattress that suits your needs can be tough. You’ll have a wide range of options to choose from, and if you aren’t careful, you might make the wrong choice.

So, research every mattress’s features, benefits, and cons to make informed decisions.

Here is a guide on different mattress types to get you started.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are made of steel coils that compress when someone lies down on them. These coils design the mattress and keep it in shape.

They’re covered with padding made of natural fibers, latex, and foam materials. This helps to provide the necessary support, comfort, and softness.

The size, shape, and number of coils used vary from one mattress to the other. However, high-quality mattresses have more coils for adequate support.

When buying this mattress, you’ll find some with connected coils and others with singly arranged ones. Those with connected springs are bouncier and offer more support. Due to the connection, you feel the impact of your partner’s movements when sleeping.

With separately organized springs, you might not even notice when your partner rolls over. The impact of the motion is less as the coils function independently.

Innerspring mattresses are durable and budget-friendly. They provide solid back support, and they can be a perfect choice for those with lower back pains. Also, they can be ideal for heavier people, stomach and back sleepers.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses were invented decades ago to cushion pilots and passengers during a plane crash. Today, they’re popular because of the comfort and sinking-in feeling they offer.

When you sleep on this mattress, it conforms to your body shape and bounces back when you wake up. This makes it an ideal option for side sleepers and those with achy joints. It encourages proper spine alignment and offers maximum support enabling you to enjoy your sleep.

Memory foam is heat-activated, so your body temperature makes it contour and be soft. Hence, the mattress can feel warmer when it touches your body. If you catch a cold when sleeping, this mattress can be an impeccable choice to keep you warm.

If you’re a warm sleeper, go for a gel-infused memory foam mattress. Gel microbeads make the foam more breathable, thus keeping you cool when sleeping.

Keep dust mites, bacteria, and allergens at bay with a memory foam mattress.

Hybrid Mattresses

Nowadays, hybrid beds have become more popular for combining the features of all quality mattresses. They have a spring system, layers of latex, and memory foam. Pulling all these together helps achieve a cozier, softer, and more durable mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are customizable. You can send your specifications to the manufacturer and get a mattress that suits all your needs. In short, there’s something for everyone with these beds.

If you want your bed to be bouncier, you request the manufacturer to add more coils. And if you intend to enjoy hypoallergenic benefits, you can get a bed with more foam.

Hybrid beds are the most expensive mattresses but worth the price.

Latex Mattress

Latex beds are also referred to as organic mattresses. They’re made from latex, a natural product extracted from rubber. At times, manufacturers can combine latex with other natural products to produce a better product.

When buying this mattress, you’ll find some made of natural latex and others synthetic. If you want a natural solution for lower back pains, go for a natural latex bed. You can either buy Dunlop or Talalay latex.

Before you buy mattresses, learn the differences between synthetic and natural latex. This will help you buy the bed that’ll deliver the quality you expect.

Latex beds are suitable for eco-conscious individuals. They’re made from a natural product that doesn’t pollute the environment. Also, they’re hypoallergic because latex is resistant to dust mites and allergens.

They’re also ideal for people whose partners are restless sleepers. Latex suppresses motion, so you might experience less impact when your partner toss or turn.

Adjustable Air Mattresses

Adjustable Air beds are an impeccable option for camping enthusiasts. These beds allow you to change their level of firmness to suit your needs and sleep position.

You can deflate the air chambers if you want to sink a bit. And if you wish to elevate your body and enjoy a firmer feel, you can inflate them. They provide an adjustable sleeping experience.

Manufacturers cover the air chambers with upholstery materials like latex and memory foam. This provides additional support to the spine and back when you sleep to enhance a comfortable sleep.

They come with a remote control that people use to adjust the firmness level. They have many air chambers so you can adjust any side that you wish. This makes it good for partners with different sleep settings.

Even though these beds are made of air, they aren’t cheap. They’re expensive because you pay for the technology.

With these beads, you won’t struggle with sagging because you’re in control of your mattress firmness. They allow you to sleep in multiple positions, so you’re not limited to a specific one. They maintain neutral optimum temperatures making them ideal for hot and cold sleepers.

You Now Know Different Types of Mattresses to Buy

Purchasing a mattress can be challenging. There are unlimited mattress options, and you might be confused about the most suitable one. To make this task a cinch, understand the pros and cons of different types of mattresses first.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, keep an eye on our website for more informative blogs.


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