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8 Benefits Of Investing In A Portable Ultrasound Machine

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Is your lab or imaging centre thinking about purchasing a portable ultrasound machine? Whether you are an owner-operator of a radiology tech business or simply the person tasked with looking after things, knowing all the benefits can be useful.

Here are benefits to think about.

Increase revenue by offering services challenging to perform on-site

Vascular imaging is perhaps one of the most popular new ultrasound services. Having a portable vascular machine means bringing your service directly to the referring provider or patient. This increases convenience for staff and patients alike while generating more revenue for your company.

Perhaps an orthopedic surgeon asked you to perform a lower extremity venous ultrasound on a patient who will have surgery. Many portable vascular systems will allow you to complete this exam while the patient waits in your office or other settings.

Bring imaging directly to patients for everyone’s convenience

In addition, performing these specialty ultrasound services in the referring provider’s office reduces patient inconvenience and time to obtain the requested study. This is very popular for busy practices or those that see patients who might need a vascular ultrasound but would have difficulty making their way to your office.

Increases access to imaging for patients with limited means​

A portable ultrasound machine in Australia is very helpful for patients who cannot drive or do not want to make an appointment at their imaging centre. The opportunity to bring diagnostic imaging services directly to them is very appealing and convenient, which leads us to our next point.

Boost patient satisfaction and build trust between you and your referring providers

Patient satisfaction scores continue to play a role in provider reimbursement. Providers are becoming more aware of this, so many are asking for mobile or portable services. Imaging centres with reliable portable ultrasound units are likely to do a great job satisfying patients while building trust with local providers.

Access to different imaging modalities on one machine limits equipment purchase expense

Most new ultrasound machines will do more than perform a basic B-mode ultrasound. Many portable devices have colour Doppler, power doppler, pulsed wave and harmonic imaging, and vascular capabilities. This is not only very convenient, but it can make your practice run smoother since your equipment is all in one place. This leads us to our last benefit.

Minimize the costs of opening and running a small imaging centre

You can perform all of your B-mode exams, which are still very popular. You have vascular capabilities for lower extremity studies and cardiac, abdominal, and other body parts. Even OB/GYN ultrasounds can be performed with these devices, which is excellent news for those looking to add this popular service. And, you can even do power and colour Doppler if it is appropriate for your patient population.

This means less equipment purchase expense and maybe even leasing costs since the system will be in one piece and very portable. This also means better margins on imaging exams since you are not paying for multiple pieces of equipment, and you can perform various exams.

Additional benefits to consider

Companies that tailor products to mobile and portable use tend to offer add-ons such as carts and stands that add convenience for providers and patients alike.

Some machines even offer accessories such as probes that can be designed to fit into the handle of a laptop or tablet, making it easy to share images with other physicians in real-time. This is great for situations where patient follow-up information may be needed quickly or necessary education.

There are also probes designed to fit into the handle of your laptop or tablet so that imaging can instantly be shared with other physicians in real-time. This is great for situations where patient follow-up information may be needed quickly or necessary education.

What you can do with a portable ultrasound unit

So what can you do with this device? Here are some examples.

– Perform vascular studies (arterial, venous and sometimes even intracranial) on the lower extremities. You can also do carotid studies, brachial studies and other vasculature anywhere in the body.

– Perform cardiac ultrasound for both imaging exams as well as for guidance during procedures.

– Perform abdominal ultrasound studies, including renal veins and other advanced procedures.

– Obtain OB/GYN exams to do first-trimester screening or even an OB patient without making them drive the distance.

– Cardiac CT can be performed with these units, which is very helpful in many different settings.

– Do echocardiography in the ambulance or emergency department.

– Peripheral vascular disease screening and other specialty exams can be performed at a much lower cost, with better patient convenience and reimbursement rates that make you more money.

If you consider opening a small imaging centre to be mobile, portable ultrasound might be a brilliant move. Not only will your business grow, but you can meet most provider requests on time, which means greater patient satisfaction and referrals.


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