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6 Ways to Find Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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You have finally found “the one” and are ready to propose? Congratulations! However, do you know what size her ring is? Stop stressing out if you don’t.

Fortunately, several methods exist for surreptitiously obtaining her size without alerting her to your intentions. Jewellery professionals and wedding fanatics have devised some solutions, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: proposing to the person you love. Continue reading for all of the most acceptable methods for finding out engagement rings size without her knowing.

5 methods for finding her ring size quietly

1.     Consult with her family or friends

Few people are as familiar with your significant other as her family and friends. After all, they essentially raised her. In the eyes of her family, that’s an understatement. In any event, her mother or sister, for example, may have exchanged jewellery with her in the past and recalls how nicely it fit her finger. That being said, reaching out to them discreetly is a great beginning step.

2.     Introduce it into a discussion

This strategy will need considerable competence. Do you have what it takes? It’s a great approach to determine her ring size if you think you can inquire about her ring size without giving anything away during a discussion. One possibility is to inquire about her ring size if you are purchasing a ring for your sister, mother, or another family. However, you may ask her for her ring size to know what size to obtain for the present.

3.     Allow her to try on ‘someone else’s’ ring

You could always make her put on and try someone else’s engagement rings if you believe you’re sly enough. Buy an inexpensive ring, record its size, and come up with a reason for her to try it on. Tell her, for example, that you bought the ring for a female relative and that her finger is the same size as this relative. Or in a family gathering suggest her to try on her relative’s ring to guess her ring size.

4.     Take a dummy with you

If you’re unsure about her ring size, acquire a costume jewellery ring to double-check. You could put it as if you discovered it on the street, or got it as a prize in a fun sport, or that a buddy purchased it for his wife, but she didn’t like the style. If your woman likes the ring sufficiently, she’ll probably put it on, even if it’s only to look at it.

5.     Measure her size while she is napping

This may seem crazy at first, but most guys resort to this approach of determining the ring size without her knowledge. This could backfire terribly if she isn’t a deep sleeper, so be cautious. Furthermore, because you must mark a sheet of paper by wrapping it around her finger, this is not among the most exact methods of determining a ring size. You might not be able to correctly mark it because of her sleep movements.


It’s acceptable to fail sometimes, no matter how hard you try. If your engagement ring doesn’t fit your loved one’s finger, most jewellers will work with you to adjust it.

It’s not simple to organize anything like this, especially when you consider the necessary effort, so congratulate yourself for getting this far. This is the stuff that marriages are built of, and it’s something the two of you will remember for a long time. Even if you fail to find the correct size, she will admire you for merely attempting to make this right.


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