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6 Scenarios to Hire a Family Law Attorn

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Family attorneys handle a wide variety of cases. Your typical family law attorney in Atlanta has seen it all, from adoption cases to complex divorces. Although most people think of family attorneys when divorce arises, there are many other situations that call for a family law expert. Let’s take a look at some of the circumstances where a family lawyer can help.

6 Scenarios to Hire a Family Law Attorney in Atlanta

1. In a High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorce cases are always complicated and typically take longer to resolve. This is because there are more assets to analyze in order to reach a fair settlement. While a typical couple might only be concerned with a few important items, high net worth couples often have investments, expensive luxury items, and businesses that need to be divided. Reaching an agreement is never easy in these cases, so you’ll definitely want to be prepared for a trial.

In these situations, usually each spouse has their own legal team. Both sides will evaluate the total value of assets and present proposals for how to divide them. Expect a lot of back and forth, and if an agreement cannot be reached, then the case will go to trial. For a good example, look no further than Georgia native Kanye West’s $2 billion dollar divorce case, which has only just begun. It will likely drag out for a year.

2. When Child Custody Is in Dispute

Child custody cases tend to become contentious very quickly. This is, unfortunately, the result of how these cases typically work. If two spouses cannot agree on how to handle custody, then they essentially have to discredit one another to convince the court that they should be the rightful bearer of full or majority custody. Naturally, this can lead to tension and conflict. Having a lawyer present can help to reduce the stress of these cases.

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Winning custody has significant implications for both your future and that of your child. Even something as simple as deciding whether your child will be vaccinated or not becomes a contested issue when courts award joint custody. If you have full custody, you get to make the decisions. If you want more control over your child’s future, you’ll need to rely on a talented lawyer to win your custody case.

3. When Previous Agreements Are Challenged

If you signed an unfair prenuptial agreement, you may want to consider challenging it in court. However, Georgia courts usually uphold these agreements, so you’ll need expert legal assistance if you want to overturn your prenuptial agreement.

These agreements often limit women more than men, and they can be challenged on grounds that they imposed unfair terms. Likewise, if you believe some assets were not disclosed when you signed the agreement, that can be grounds for dismissing it as well. Conversely, if you believe your prenuptial agreement was reasonable and fair, but it’s being challenged, you’ll want the support of Atlanta’s top family law attorneys.

4. When You’re Considering Filing for Divorce on Fault-based Grounds

While most divorces in Georgia are filed using “no-fault” grounds, wherein only one party has to agree to the divorce, it’s still possible to file for divorce using fault-based grounds. Fault-based grounds include things like adultery or abuse. Winning a divorce on fault-based grounds can lead to better outcomes for you but you’ll need to prove your claims in court. In these cases, a divorce trial is almost like a criminal trial.  

Needless to say, if you intend to pursue a fault-based divorce, you’ll want the support of a lawyer. A family law attorney in Atlanta can help by advising your case and building your arguments. Georgia family lawyers have seen it all, since the state has one of the highest rates of marriage and divorce in the United States.

5. For Less Common Cases

Child custody and divorce cases are fairly common. However, family lawyers also handle unusual cases. In these situations, you’ll want a very experienced lawyer since not everyone has dealt with these circumstances. For instance, if you’re looking to adopt a child from another country, you’ll want a talented family lawyer. Likewise, if you want to transfer legal guardianship to another adult, even if it’s a family member, we’d recommend consulting a lawyer.

6. Planning Your Estate

Another good reason to talk to a family law attorney in Atlanta is to plan your estate. Estate planning is often neglected but it’s an important part of financial planning for your family’s future. Family lawyers can help you draft a will and even account for unexpected scenarios. Take the time to do this while you have your health and mental faculties.

As you can see, family lawyers are versatile attorneys that handle all kinds of family law cases. If any of these situations apply to you, consider talking to an expert family lawyer in Atlanta.


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