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6 Common Warning Signs of Dementia

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There are around 55 million people living with dementia worldwide with 10 million new cases diagnosed every year.

Dementia is a broad term that covers a variety of symptoms like loss of ability to think, memory problems, loss of logical reasoning and difficulty with other mental functions.

There are different types of dementia and if you’re caring for an aging parent, you may be familiar with some of them like Alzheimer’s Disease. Though dementia shows up mainly in the elderly, it is not something that everyone will develop as a consequence of aging.

Dementia can affect one’s memory, health, and way of life. Keep reading as this informative guide breaks down the common warning signs of dementia.

1. Difficulty Finding Words

One of the more common dementia signs is the inability to come up with the word you’re trying to communicate. A person with dementia may stop midsentence and not know how to continue.

Trying to explain something or tell a story becomes a difficult task for someone with dementia. Be patient when caring for the elderly person suffering with this disease.

2. Changes in Short-Term Memory

Many people get forgetful as they age, but with dementia it’s more pronounced. They may forget what they had for lunch. They may forget where they put something or what they were supposed to do on any given day. Conversely, they usually retain the ability to remember events from years ago.

3. Mood Changes

This is a common symptom of dementia. People with the disease may show signs of depression, may be fearful or anxious, get upset easily, or exhibit a shift in personality.

They may even lash out at loved ones unexpectedly.

4. Difficulty Adapting to Change

When someone is in the early stages of dementia and experiencing memory problems, they crave routine and don’t want to deviate from their normal activities. It’s difficult for them to adapt to any kind of change.

5. Poor Judgement

Dementia leads to a decline in decision-making skills. They may give things and money away without realizing what they’re doing.

A person with dementia can find themselves in dangerous situations but may not realize the danger. They might go outside in the freezing weather dressed in summer clothing.

6. Confusion

A person in the early stages of dementia may get easily confused, may have trouble remembering faces or knowing what day it is.

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Have You Seen The Warning Signs of Dementia?

If you notice these signs in yourself or one of your loved ones, it’s natural to feel concerned and uncertain about what to do next.  The next step would be to speak to a health professional and schedule an evaluation. It’s important to take action at the earliest sign of a problem.

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