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5 wedding gifts you can purchase for your partner in London, UK

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Your wedding day is a significant moment in the lives of you and your partner. This is the day that you’ve probably dreamt of quite frequently and you put in every effort possible to make it memorable for the both you. Of course you’ll have the ceremony where you are looking your best, the exchange of rings, a grand celebration afterwards surrounded by your loved ones but none of this will be as meaningful as a personalized gift to your spouse which you give to them at a private moment.If you are thinking of a special wedding gift for your significant other then read on because listed below are a few ideas you can get inspired from.

Weekend getaway

One of the best gifts that you can gift your spouse after a hectic season of wedding planning, is a private weekend getaway, something like a minimoon, just for the two of you. You can get tickets to his or her favourite vacation destination where you’ll can spend some quality time together or you can gift them coupons for a spa weekend for just the two of you. The idea is to unwind from all the wedding stress together away from the usual humdrum of life.


Nothing commemorates special moments like a delicate piece of jewellery. Although the two of you will be exchanging wedding rings during the actual ceremony, but you can always surprise your spouse with another beautiful piece of jewellery. The Hatton Garden Street in London is a famous jewellery hub and you can get a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond tennis bracelet for you wife that matches with her wedding ring. Alternatively, you can buy personalised cuff links or lapel pins for your husband.

Personalized photo keychain

A keychain is something that comes in very handy to everyone. There is no better way to increase the value of such a useful thing by adding a personalized photo of the two of you. You can choose any picture of the two you and your spouse and get it printed on stainless steel and cover it with a leather keyring case. It’s like a tiny secret between the two of you that you carry with you almost always.

Personalized clothing

A very cute wedding gift would be a piece of personalized clothing. For example, you can gift your partner a jumper with Mrs. (followed by your last name) printed on it. Similarly, it can be a Mr. (followed by your last name) for your husband. Alternatively, you could have something cool printed on it such as your family name that you both share.

Champagne with glasses

Your wedding day is a day of celebrating the love that you and your partner share and hence gifting your partner a bottle of good champagne along with two beautiful champagne glasses for toasting would be excellent. It’s like have a private after-party celebration just between the two of you after you’ve celebrated with everyone else earlier in the day. The champagne glasses will remind you of your wedding day for the rest of your life just like any Hatton Garden engagement rings.


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