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5 Stunning Gift Boxes to Grab This Holiday Season

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The holiday is all about spreading love, care, and affection to the people around the world and especially to our close ones. The most fun part about Christmas gifts. The selection of gifts starts months before the holiday but the most important thing that people always overlook is the packaging of those presents. People need to focus more on the packaging than the presents. No doubt present inside the box matters the most but an ineffective packaging can highly build or ruin the whole feel of your present.

So, to get the most versatile, complementary, and functional gift boxes, customization is the savior. It offers companies full freedom in making their choices for the material that is used to make their product boxes, unique shapes, sizes that perfectly fit the product, and last but not least custom printing, lamination, foiling, and embossing that enhances the quality of the box drastically.

Using these techniques you can create the most versatile and attention-grabbing custom printed gift boxes.

1. Magnetic closure cutout boxes

Magnetic closure boxes are the most luxurious when it comes to the material, strength, and finish of the box. These boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard that is the strongest and the sturdiest of them all. It is capable of giving the most high-end printing results that enhance the worth and quality of the product on the whole.

These boxes give ultimate protection to the product because of their strength and unique structure that offer the most presentable and convenient closure to the box. Create Christmas gift boxes in shapes that are the essence of the occasion and the colors that add an overwhelming feel to the product, the box, and the event.

2.Tube packaging

The packaging is not always square.

Coming out of the box, cylindrical boxes are the most versatile and unique. These boxes are shaped like a tube or cylinder with top lids and also side lids that give a more captivating outlook.

You can pack almost different kinds of Christmas gifts in these boxes with ease such as clothes, food items, jewelry, and many more.

Custom printing on these boxes gives a more professional and branded outlook to the product and the brand.

3. Foiled boxes 

Who does not like some fancy?

Foiled boxes are the most durable and fancy packaging boxes that turn heads around. Foiling is an art of metallic covering on the boxes in different colors like golden or silver. These coverings not only give an outstanding presentation to the boxes but also increase the strength of the box and make it waterproof.

These boxes come in every material like cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated cardboard that perfectly fit different products securely and durably.

4. Window cut-out sleeve packaging

Cutouts and sleeves give an extraordinary outlook to the product, depicting the quality and worth of the brand. Custom branded packaging help in the recognition of the business and the product in the market.

Sleeve packaging comes over tray boxes. You can add box inserts inside the boxes to meet various packaging needs such as for cookies you can add compartment inserts. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with customization.

5. Exploding boxes

To make your business stand out among the competitors that offer similar products in the most versatile and mesmerizing manner that not most of the brand go for. Exploding boxes have a base with four sides that are not attached but are just closed with the help of the top lid that keeps the sides closed. When the lid is lifted all the four sides of the box lay flat on the surface giving a very unique outlook.

Sleeves can be added on the sides of the box to offer more protection to the product.

Custom gift boxes wholesale are the most affordable packaging solution that does not compromise on the quality because of their lower cost. It is because wholesale vendors always sell in bulk which is the main factor in reducing the price to the cheapest.

Custom gift boxes USA are not only cheap but the most sustainable as it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the environment we live in. You must add sustainability to your brand as it helps in creating a serious brand image.


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