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5 Practical Home Security Tips and Suggestions

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Each year, 2.5 million burglaries occur across the United States. Each burglary often brings significant financial setbacks.

But, the most damaging factor of a home invasion is the psychological harm. Most people see their homes as a place of safety and security. When someone breaks in, people have trouble trusting their home’s safety.

Fortunately, several home security practices can prevent burglars from breaking into your home. These safety tips and tricks can protect yourself and your family from a home invasion.

So, what home security tips can give you this safety? If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll explore five of the best tips in the guide below.

1. Plant Shrubs with Home Security in Mind

One practical way to protect your home is with your shrubbery. People often love to have a row of trees or shrubs around their homes. Sometimes, they even place bushes or flower beds around their windows or walls.

Although these plants look pleasant and pretty, they also cause problems. Burglars can utilize these shrubs as hiding places at night, giving them easier access to your property. So, plan your garden and shrubbery with enough space to protect your home.

2. Investing in Motion-Sensor Lighting

It’s easier for home invaders to access your house under the cover of darkness. A well-lit outdoor area could take away cover for a burglar to hide in.

That’s why a motion-sensor lighting system is so helpful. These systems activate when somebody comes within their sensor field. Once this happens, they turn on a bright light that illuminates your yard.

Generally, this light is enough to scare away a home invader. However, you can also pair these lights with home security systems to strengthen their effectiveness.

3. Home Security Systems

These days, several home security systems exist that can protect your home. These systems often include several components, such as:

  • motion-sensor lights
  • alarm systems
  • security cameras
  • doorbell cameras
  • two-way communication devices
  • full-time professional oversight
  • glass-break detectors

These components help scare off burglars or report their activity to the police. This way, even if someone infiltrates your home, they won’t get far before getting caught.

4. Install a Smart Lock

Have you ever left your home and forgotten if you’d locked the door or not? If so, never worry about this again! Instead, purchase a smart lock system that connects to your smartphone. These systems allow you to control your locks remotely.

They can also connect with the rest of your home security system to give you more oversight. Search “locksmith near me” to find a professional who can install these locks.

5. Avoid Glass Near Door Handles

Many houses have decorative doors with glass panes near the door handle. While this may look pretty, it’s often dangerous. Entries like these give burglars easier access to your home.

All they have to do is break the glass and reach inside. From there, burglars can access anything in your house. So, look for more secure doors instead!

Start Implementing These Home Security Tips

These home security tips can protect your house from outside threats. So, don’t hesitate. Start implementing these tips to protect your home and guarantee your peace of mind!

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.


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