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5 Important Ways to Prevent Acne

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Do you want to keep your skin looking healthy and clear?

Acne can appear anywhere on your body. Usually, it begins to appear during puberty. The hormones released during puberty can prompt acne outbreaks. For the most part, this acne disappears when people become adults.

However, pimples can still appear at any point during your life. If acne shows up on the face, it can impact your self-esteem. Some teens even experience bullying when they have visible acne.

Acne can also cause scarring if it’s not treated in a proper manner.

So, you need to prevent acne to keep your skin looking clear. Below, we’ll get into the top 5 ways to prevent acne. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Clean Your Face Well

The best way to prevent acne is to clean your face in the proper manner.

Acne can crop up when you don’t clean your face well. Your skin produces a natural oil. This oil keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. Yet, too much oil can cause acne.

Oil production can also cause bacteria or dead skin buildup in your pores. This can give you pimples.

When you clean your face, you’ll get rid of this buildup and excess oil. This will prevent acne. You should make sure you replenish your skin with a moisturizer to keep it healthy.

2. Don’t Scrub Too Harshly

You should wash your face twice a day. Yet, you shouldn’t scrub too harshly.

Harsh scrubbing can cause inflammation. In turn, inflammation is one of the acne causes. So, make sure you rub your skin in a gentle manner. Use soft towels and washcloths only.

3. Don’t Eat as Many Sugars and Carbohydrates

Sugars and carbs can exacerbate your acne problems.

Carbs and sugars spike your insulin levels. This causes an increase in a substance known as IGF-1. It also produces androgen hormones. This prompts skin cells to grow in a quicker manner. It also spikes your skin’s production of sebum. These all cause acne.

So, if you want better skin, cut back on sugars and carbs.

4. Don’t Apply Oil-Based Cosmetics

Many cosmetic products aren’t actually good for your skin. Makeup companies make oil-based products that settle into your skin.

The oil then gets deposited onto your skin and causes acne. If you share makeup with other people, the bacteria and oil from their faces will find their way into your makeup. Then, when you wear it, bacteria and oil will build up on your face.

5. Wash Your Hair to Prevent Acne

Your hair produces a lot of oil. As such, it can cause acne.

Washing your hair on a regular basis can reduce your chances of getting this acne. Yet, shampooing your hair too often can strip away too many of the natural oils. The frequency with which you need to wash your hair will vary based on your personal hair type.

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Want to Learn More?

Now that you’ve read this guide, you’re ready to prevent acne.

Before putting any products on your skin, research their contents. The wrong products can cause more problems, even if they claim to be an acne treatment.

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