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4 Best Tips to Take Care of Your Boxed Cut Flowers

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Fresh-cut flowers are incredibly delicate and perishable, but giving them the care they deserve gives their lifespans a shove. This delicacy is perhaps why people turn to plastic flowers, but nothing beats the aura, and mesmerism fresh flowers tag along with. While vases and pots can still make for ideal flower storage, floral bloom boxes are a much better alternative. Boxes add an aesthetic touch and reflect the exquisite appeal of your flowers. To help you keep them in their best shape, here are the best tips to take care of your boxed flowers.

  1.   Always Include the Floral Foam

Cut flowers need water to maintain the osmotic pressure for rigidity – and enough of it – and it’s best to make it available. However, that can be mind-boggling since boxes crumble when soaked wet. In this regard, you need a pack of floral foam to store water and make it available for absorption. Floral foams are porous solids with air pockets that hold water and last up to two weeks. These sponges are easy to maintain and keep your flowers hydrated, preventing imminent drying. 

  1.   Add a Plastic Container

Putting your flowers in a box is one thing, but watering them without spoiling your boxes is another. Therefore, enclosing your floral foam in a plastic container is a no-brainer. Plastic containers hold off moisture, preventing contact with your flower box. Also, consider patching together flowers with a similar life cycle to keep the foam in perfect shape. If possible, use floral preservation powders and remember to dispose of them properly after expiring.

  1.   Use Narrow-Mouthed Watering Bottles

It’s good to hit the spot when watering your flowers instead of flushing them violently. Since you only need to keep the floral form wet, a narrow-mouthed bottle can do the trick. Most floral boxes can withstand little accidental sprays, and you can get yours by visiting However, others crumble when you water your flowers haphazardly. Wide-mouthed bottles don’t aim the spot; water can spill around, destroying your boxes. However, narrow ones directly convey water in the floral form and should be your go-to option. 

  1.   Put Your Flowers Far from Heating or Cooling Vents

Cut flowers are incredibly delicate and cave in poor ambiances. Most flower owners understand how compromising direct sunlight on flowers can be. But one thing they often overlook is the heating and cooling vents in their homes and offices. Storing your flowers near these vents interferes with their ability to transpire. It draws excess moisture from the surrounding, making their leaves lose excessive moisture into the surroundings. Heating vents also induce quick weathering and drying; your flowers won’t hold on for long. 


Floral bloom boxes come in handy, holding your flowers in perfect position while nourishing them using floral foams. That way, they can hold on for some time before they dry up. But while flower boxes are a go-to option, taking good care of your flowers keeps them fresh for a long. Therefore, remember to use floral foams in plastic containers, and hit the spot when watering to prevent flushing and spraying around. Above all, avoid areas with direct sunlight and stay away from areas near heating and cooling vents to keep your boxed flowers in shape.


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