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3 Amazing Facts You Must Know About the Omega Seamaster

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The Omega Seamaster is one of the most prominent watch model families that Omega has introduced, the other being the Omega Speedmaster. However, the Omega Speedmaster often gets the most attention due to its association with space exploration. But the Seamaster also deserves some recognition. After all, it was one of the first water-proof dress watches introduced in the market.  Omega has released around 25 variants of the Seamaster watch, including the Railmaster watches. 

These watches have many differences in terms of design and features. But they are all water-resistant and some Seamaster watches are water-resistant for up to 1,200 meters. All Seamaster watches also have a stainless steel watch case and bracelet, along with a unidirectional bezel, screw-in crown, and sapphire crystal. Yet there is more to Seamaster than these features. This article will delve around the greatest facts about the Seamaster that you should know. 

The Seamaster Is Omega’s Oldest Watch Line

The Omega Seamaster may not be the oldest watch that the company has produced in its 173 years of existence. But it is the oldest watch line that Omega still manufactures and sells to this day since it was first launched in 1948. This is in spite of the fact that it does not get the same recognition as other Omega watches, especially the Speedmaster. But if the Speedmaster is known as the “Moonwatch” for being the first timepiece worn on the moon, the Seamaster is often hailed as one of the first water-resistant watches in the market.  The Omega Seamaster also diversified the company’s portfolios when it comes to making multi-purpose luxury watches. 

While the Speedmaster was originally intended for racing drivers and enthusiasts, the Seamaster was a diving watch meant to be worn for water-based activities such as swimming and, well, diving. It may not be the first line of water-resistant watches by Omega, as they first released a previous line of water-resistant watches in 1932. Omega also manufactured the Marine for the British Navy. But the Omega Seamaster was noted for being the first line of water-resistant watches that were originally intended for diving. But things have changed for the Seamaster, as the company released different variations of the watch that had various functions and movements, such as chronometer features and quartz movements. Nevertheless, Omega still made history with the Seamaster for being able to sell diving watches commercially for the first time. 

Both James Bond and Jacques Cousteau Once Used the Seamaster

Omega made the Seamaster in commemoration of its 100th anniversary and they may have taken inspiration from the watches that they made for the British military during World War II. But two of the most famous users of this watch include the world’s most favorite spy, James Bond, and the world’s most prominent ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau. The two may have nothing in common with one another. But both of them saw the functionality and beauty of the Seamaster. And this could be the reason why many James Bond films feature the Seamaster and why Jacques Cousteau used the Seamaster in one of their experiments regarding ocean exploration.

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James Bond and the Seamaster

First off, James Bond has been seen wearing the Omega Seamaster since the release of the film GoldenEye in 1995. Since then, the Seamaster has adorned the wrist of the world’s most well-known fictional spy. Before 1995, Bond has been seen wearing the Rolex Submariner in many of his films. The connection between this notorious MI6 spy and Omega is so special that the company released the Seamaster Diver 300M called the James Bond 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece to commemorate the spy’s 50th anniversary. 

Jacques Cousteau and the Seamaster

When it comes to ocean exploration, the Omega Seamaster has left its mark. And this is thanks to Jacques Cousteau, the prominent French ocean explorer and conservationist who invented the scuba gear. His team once used the Seamaster 300 during an experiment in the Red Sea conducted in 1963 called the “Precontinent II.” In this experiment, Cousteau and his team tested to see if divers could survive submerged saturated gas environments for a long period of time without any negative effects. This experiment proved that Omega has mastered the production of luxury watches for the sea. 

The Seamaster Is Both a Diving and Dress Watch

The Seamaster has proven itself as a useful and robust diving watch, especially when it made its first diving record in 1955 when a diver named Gordon McLean reached a depth of 62.5 meters or 205 feet in Australia while wearing a Seamaster. But the Seamaster is not just a diving watch for ocean explorers, super-spies, and professional divers. It is also an elegant dress watch that you can wear on more formal occasions. Today, there are different versions of the Seamaster watches, from the classic dressy types to the more rugged sporty ones. But they all share the same water resistance that this watch model has been known for. 


The Seamaster is a watch of many faces and uses. It has been featured in movies, used in ocean explorations, and used by militaries all over the world. But while the Seamaster evolved throughout the years and possesses different looks with its reincarnations, the Seamaster is still rightfully called the “Master of the Sea,” and it is the title that only this watch could have as its own for years to come.


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