Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Spending Less on Food

About a month ago in 9ja News food report, I  learned of the opening of a cafeteria in the Zain Building in Ikoyi.  Prior to that, I had no clue that there was a Zain Building, or that it ...

Weight Loss: Top 6 Vegetables Include in your Diet

Aside from leafy greens, you should also include low-calorie dirt candies, such as carrots and celery, in your diet. These sweets are packed with good-for-you nutrients and fiber that keep you feeling fuller longer, which in turn can help...

How Packaged Food Makes Your Life Easier?

In today's hectic lifestyle, it is crucial to be fit and healthy. Because of our hectic lives that most professionals ignore the importance of eating a balanced diet since they don't have enough time to cook an appropriate meal...
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Top things to know before taking up an online course in UX design

Design teams today opt for user experience (UX) design to create products that provide relevant and valuable experiences to...
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